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Ultimate Immune Defense
Ultimate Immune Defense       Code: #10185       90 Capsules        Price$29.95        Qty: 

Scientific research continues to mount, demonstrating the immune enhancing benefits of the mushrooms in Ultimate Immune Defense. The four mushrooms in this formula have been used for thousands of years to overcome many ailments and to bring about Radiant Health. These mushrooms are known for their anti-aging and rejuvenation benefits.

Who can benefit from this formula? Anyone. It is a great formula for people who have chronic allergies. It is fantastic for those who have autoimmune disease because it helps bring balance to the immune system, and it does not stimulate the immune system making it overact on itself. Ultimate Immune Defense is safe and gentle, yet powerful for those who are battling long term chronic illnesses, a perfect partner to take with the doctor's protocol.

These mushrooms are double-directional. They improve the functioning of the immune system, balancing the immune response, instead of merely stimulating it. Modern science calls this type of herb an immune modulator or adaptogen. (Read more about adaptogens...)

Ultimate Immune Defense is also an anti-stress formula. It can calm the mind, ease tension, improve memory, and build willpower. This formula has a cumulative effect and can protect on every level&mdashphysical, mental and emotional. It can help us adapt to changing circumstances and enjoy success without the negative side effects of stress.

Ingredients:   Reishi Mushroom, Maitake Mushroom, Shiitake Mushroom, Cordyceps mushroom

Ingredients in Detail:

Reishi Mushroom: The Reishi Mushroom is known as "The Mushroom of Immortality and Spiritual Awakening." It is the ultimate herbal substance and has been much sought after over the centuries for maintaining life, and for promoting Radiant Health and longevity.  

Extensive research has shown Reishi to be a powerful source of anti-oxidants and to have great ability to balance and strengthen the immune system. It is very effective in helping to resist disease and alleviate illness and allergies. It has far reaching benefits to the body, including helping regulate and regenerate the liver.

Reishi is now the object of intensive scientific research to further verify its many health benefits. Reishi is used extensively for immune disorders, such and allergies and even HIV, because it raises the T cell levels. It is also specifically used for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It inhibits bacteria and viruses, it used to treat cancer and tumors, and its adaptogenic qualities protect the body against stress.

Reishi is a tonic herb,sedative herb which has many very beneficial health properties.  It lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels, controls coughing, while relieving pain and stimulating the immune system. It improves heart and liver function and has anti-allergy, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

It has many therapeutic uses:

• It is used internally for bronchitis, asthma, liver disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, palpitations, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, nervous disorders, insomnia and debility

• Reishi is used to prevent "fatty-liver" and cirrhosis due to alcohol abuse, as well as maintaining the health of the uterus.

• Cancer patients can benefit from this herb, as it stimulates the body's production of interleukin-2, which fights several types of cancers. It also contains ganoderic acid, which is most beneficial for fighting liver cancer.

• Reishi stimulates the maturation of macrophages (immune cells) which digest infectious bacteria and assists with chronic bronchitis.

• These macrophages are also effective against yeast infections.

• Apart from this, it also helps to lower high blood pressure, as well as high cholesterol levels.

• For the emotions, reishi is particularly effective in stress control and can reduce emotional outbursts during long-term stress and tension.

To review current research follow links below:

Study of ganoderma with possible implications for Syndrome X

Comparative studies of various ganoderma species and their different parts with regard to their antitumor and immunomodulating activities in vitro.

Ganoderma lucidum inhibits proliferation and induces apoptosis in human prostate cancer cells PC-3.

Ganoderma lucidum suppresses angiogenesis through the inhibition of secretion of VEGF an

Maitake Mushroom: The mighty Maitake (pronounced my-TAH-key) mushroom fights tumors and performs other immune boosting feats. During the past 20 years, research has confirmed what practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine have known for several thousand years: Certain mushrooms are medicinal powerhouses.Shiitake and Reishi mushrooms are powerful remedies, but when it comes to boosting the immune function, specifically the body’s ability to fight tumors, the Maitake mushroom appears to be a king in the mushroom world.

The development of successful cultivation techniques in 1979 increased the availability of Maitake tremendously.It is now widely used in cooking and has a delicate flavor and texture with the taste of chicken or game hen.The name that became common in North America for wild Maitake, the Japanese name, was “hen of the woods” mushroom.Prior to the mid-1980’s, Maitake was strictly harvested in the wild, where it grows in clusters weighing up to 100 pounds each and can measure as much as 20 inches across.

The main research on Maitake has centered on its anti-tumor activity and its activity with regard to lowering cholesterol, diabetes and hypertension.These kinds of studies have also been done of Reishi and shiitake.Americans are often surprised to learn that several other mushrooms are the source of anti-cancer pharmaceutical drugs sold in Europe and Asia, and that Maitake’s anti-tumor activity may actually be superior to these drugs.Over 30 major studies have been done on Maitake.For exles, The National Cancer Institute reported in 1992 that in vitro experiments showed Maitake extract can prevent HIV-infected helped T-cells from being destroyed by as much as 97 percent.

Another study compared Maitake extract that contains a concentration of the immune stimulating component with mitomycin-C (MMC), a widely used chemotherapy drug.With just a small dose, the Maitake extract produced 85% tumor shrinkage in mice compared to 30 percent with MMC.When half-doses of MMC and Maitake were combined, they achieved an astonishing 99 percent tumor shrinkage in 14 days.

A research group from the New York Medical College, found that Maitake has the ability to induce the death of prostate cancer cells.(Scientists have discovered that all cells, including cancer cells, have the capacity to die by a biochemical process called programmed cell death or apoptosis.)Inducing, or stimulating, the mechanisms that cause apoptosis is area currently at the front line of cancer research.The FDA has approved investigations into using Maitake on patients who have advanced breast and prostate cancers.The study center around the immune-activating effect of Maitake on patients’ tumor size, clinical symptoms and overall quality of life.

Although we usually think of carbohydrates as providing fuel for energy, certain carbohydrates called “polysaccharides” have been shown to be involved in cellular communication.  A polysaccharide known as beta glucan is believed to be largely responsible for Maitake’s immune-activating effect. Receptors for beta glucan are found on the large white blood cells (called macrophages) that swallow harmful microorganisms and tumor cells.When these receptors are activated, a cascade of immune-stimulating events occurs.

The immune response has implications for benefits ranging from fighting colds to thwarting cancer. But  Maitake’s potential benefits go beyond immune-stimulating activity. Studies have shown that when hypertensive rats are fed Maitake it significantly lowers their blood pressure, body weight and cholesterol.In another study, people taking Maitake for two months lost an average of 12 pounds, while changing nothing else in their diet.
Shiitake Mushroom: Shiitake is very rich in carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals. It also provides very significant immune support. It also has an anti-viral activity. In enhances immunity by promoting the recognition of antigens and information transmission of the helper T-cells, and increases the rate of which objects are engulfed. Shiitake also increases antibody products.

Cordyceps mushroom:

Cordyceps is one of the super stars of the Radiant Wonder herbal system. This mushroom is an extremely powerful and effective life-enhancing herb. It is used to strengthen the mind and body at a fundamental level (Jing Tonic).  Because of its safety for all ages we include Cordyceps sinensis in three of our most important formulas:  Brain TonicRadiant Immune Defense, and  Ultimate Immune Defense.  And, because it can stand alone for its tremendous rejuvenating qualities we offer it as one of our few single herbs, Cordyceps.    

Cordyceps sinensis is among the safest medicinal foods.  In the times of the emperors it was extremely expensive because it was so rare and so valuable.  It is considered on the level with Ginseng, Reishi Mushroom, and Deer Antler for its ability to build martial physical strength, mental  power, and strong immunity  .  It is grown in grasslands over 9,000 feet elevation and the highest quality is harvested at the summer equinox before the last snows have melted.  This herb supports your deep reserve energy, your Jing.  

Cordyceps can restore the deep energy that has been used in adapting to stress, aging or chronic illness. In a number of Chinese clinical studies, primarily in older patients complaining of fatigue, when taking Cordyceps, the same patients reported significant improvements in energy levels, a greater ability to tolerate cold temperatures, enhanced memory and cognitive capacity and renewed sex drive.

Patients with respiratory diseases also reported feeling more dynamic physically. Overall, Cordyceps was 80-90% effective in significantly reducing fatigue in senior subjects.

Cordyceps, considered a Yang Jing tonic in Traditional Chinese Herbalism, helps to strengthen sexual function, which is the traditional use for Yang Jing herbs. In recent studies performed at Beijing Medical University of China and in Japan there was a 64% success rate among men suffering from impotence versus 24% in the placebo group. There were no negative side effects from taking the herb. Considered a Yang Jing herb, Asians consider this type of energy critical for male sexual performance as well as for the developing sperm and the energy of that sperm in their journey to find the egg (sperm motility).   Cordyceps also offers such well documented free radical protection for the developing sperm, it is likely to play a role in allowing a maximum number of well formed sperm to develop. (motility and morphologhy)

Cordyceps is also recommended for its kidney-protecting effects, especially for people taking potentially nephrotoxic drugs.

Cordyceps is a key ingredient in several of Radiant Wonder formulas that deal with aging and immunity. It is also used in formulas that are designed to strengthen the lungs and can be used by anyone who requires extra energy in order to perform hard physical work, or sports workouts. It is a powerful athletic tonic. It has no steroidal content but it significantly improves performance and muscle building capability.

The American College of Sports Medicine annual meeting in 1999 presented a study which indicated that Cordyceps significantly increases maximal oxygen uptake and anaerobic threshold, which may lead to improved exercise capacity and resistance to fatigue.

Cordyceps has demonstrated powerful action against bacteria, fungus and viruses. It has constituents that have been shown to have a strong anti tumor effect. Maintaining a strong immune system is a key to a long and healthy life.

Many studies have shown this mushroom's ability to stimulate and modulate the immune system and increase red blood cells. As an immune modulator and adaptogen, Cordyceps was shown to boost depressed immune function, but not enhance a normally functioning immune system to the same degree. In published research from China, Cordyceps was reported to have anti-tumor activity against lung cancer in both mice and humans.

In a number of human clinical trials and in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cordyceps has been shown to improve liver, kidney, cardiovascular, and respiratory functioning. Since these organs and systems can be adversely affected by cancer and its treatments, Cordyceps can contribute to overall health, besides having anti-tumor effects.

Consistent use of Cordyceps will have a profound, long-term, strengthening effect on many aspects of the mind and body.

Click here to review recent clinical research on Cordyceps:

(Pub Med)  

Inhibitory effects of ethyl acetate extract of Cordyceps sinensis mycelium on various cancer cells in culture and B16 melanoma in C57BL/6 mice.

Clinical observation on effect of chemotherapy combined with Chinese medicine in treating advanced tumor patients

(Natural Products Research Institute)

Cordyceps demonstrates the ability to protect the brain and the rest of the body against the damage of free radicals.  . Comparison of protective effects between cultured Cordyceps militaris and natural Cordyceps sinensis against oxidative damage   

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