As you know, I started back up on my Chinese herbs around May 10th, taking Super Fertility #2 two pills twice per day, and six Spirulina tablets, my probiotics that I had already on hand from my colon therapist, and Stress Relief. I have also been eating more greens, including one serving a day of dark green veggies and a green drink a few times per week. I have been making more time for exercise and putting the hot water bottle on my abdomen about every other night. I am drinking hot water but this during the day is quite a challenge as I have a very stressful and hectic job (as a social worker).

It has not even been two months on the the program. For the past week I have begun to have on and off vaginal fluids such as I have not seen for over a year. I was extremely surprised because it has been so long. As I told you the gynecologist who examined me in May told me that the walls of my vagina were dry, and I even had a small laceration inside (from intercourse). I have noticed that for the past week, or maybe a bit less, I have been having more fluids in general, but mostly the cloudier fluid that I remember having between cycles. I haven’t yet seen the ‘stretchy’ fluid that might be evidence of ovulation. However, at this early point, I know that what I am seeing is progress, even if I am not having more evidence of a cycle or ovulation. I have also noticed that I am having more of the usual sensation I used to have on my left ovary which was always a sign to me that I was ovulating.

I know that this is progress.


Knoxville, TN