Low-MotilityMy wife and I had wanted to have a baby for several years, but with no luck. I kept thinking ”infertility is a woman’s problem” and all our efforts revolved around what we could do to make her more fertile. She saw so many changes all positive. Still nothing happened. The doctor said I should have a test for a low sperm count, motility and morphology. Well, it turned out that I was the problem. My sperm count was low and I had problems with the health of the sperm (the shape and the activity). I was shocked! My wife had been having good results for years with Radiant Wonder herbs for a number of different issues so she talked me into trying it.

In three months I went back to the doctor for another test. She wanted to know what the heck I was doing. My sperm count was way up and healthy again. It took about three more months, then my wife became pregnant and we’re now the parents of a beautiful baby boy. Once I swallowed my pride and started those herbs things really turned around.


Hartford, CT