I am so excited. The doctor told me there would be no chance for me to get pregnant naturally with an FSH of 17. He also said we better think seriously about an IVF because time was of the essence. $20,000.00 is not something we carry in our back pocket!

I Googled that night and found Radiant Wonder. I learned things I could do to help myself heal. I learned about my fertility in a way that was more real and not so clinical. I had hope. I had a feeling it would work. And, thank God, it did! I also found some other changes. I am not as moody of late and I seem to have more energy. I am not going to stop the herbs right now because I want to get really fertile. It is not just the test. My body is also telling me — right on, girl! This is good for me!

Thank you!

Candace A.

Bucks County PA USA