A: If you talk with anyone who has been on our program for a while and is doing the full program you will hear them talk about how amazing they feel.  Sometimes things happen right away to tell you you are on the right path.  Sometimes it takes a month or two.  Everything does not usually resolve in a few weeks.  It took many years to get where you are now.  It will take time to heal.  Let’s talk about changes you might feel are little, but your body feels are big.
Changes that support the power of vibrant health.

When you follow the Radiant Wonder Fertility Program there are certain signs from your body that tell you that you are awakening a powerful healing force within.

  • More energy. This is big for your body. All healing needs energy.
  • Appetite and digestion are both good. (helps strong ovulation and full term pregnancy)
  • Energy does not drop between 3-6pm.
  • Sleeping well and in bed by 11. (11pm-4am is the time your blood renews itself and when the body builds cervical mucus and sexual fluids)
  • Often feel peaceful and happy, a sense of well being, without any particular reason.

Once you start feeling different your fertility journey will speed up.

Think about it this way: Which horse in the race will have a better chance of winning? The one with the good night’s sleep, who has lots of energy? Or the one who is tire and has little energy. The first horse is healthy, charged up, and ready to win.

As this radiant health begins to build in your body, you will notice all kinds of specific changes.

Here are a few:
  1. Changes in your cycle that used to come and go become regular (because the body is strong enough to hold the pattern).
  2. Scar tissue dissolves more easily and healthy tissue replaces dissolving scar tissue.
  3. Libido returns. (no energy, no sexual fluids means no libido)
  4. Feeling calmer, which brings down Cortisol (the stress hormone) levels. High Cortisol throws off all other important fertility hormones.
  5. Increase in sexual fluids and cervical mucus.

Expand your vision beyond just the charting and the doctor’s test. There is a whole world of health waiting for you and your fertility journey. And you are the only one who can make this happen.

Remember, everything does not have to be perfect….

We see so many times when your body feels you moving strongly in the right direction it will say
“We can do this. She knows what she is doing. Let’s conceive now!”

Be dedicated and consistent with your program.
Be patient and loving with yourself.
Your body is on your side.
And we are here to support you.