A: There is an energy channel (meridian) that goes directly from your stomach to the center of your forehead.

You already know a headache can easily occur if you eat something very cold (the “brain freeze” you can get after too much ice cream). Your stomach has to use a lot of energy to process so much cold so fast. So it sends a 911 call to you with a brain freeze headache.

If these headaches come regularly and not just after cold ice cream, it is because your stomach energy is weak. It has to draw on too much energy to digest your food. Give your stomach a break for a month. Let it go on a good vacation. No more overworking. Give it time to heal. How to do this? Follow the plan below.

What will happen if you do this? Your headaches will disappear quickly. Your energy, happiness and clarity of mind will dramatically change. If you are on a fertility journey you will be improving ovulation and also the ability to hold a pregnancy to full term, because in Chinese Medicine a strong digestive function gives you the kind of energy you need to hold a pregnancy.

Next? Do a test drive: go back to your normal eating habits and make decisions. Don’t decide what to do based on what you have read. Listen to your body and see what makes you both happy.

The 5 step plan for your tummy’s one month vacation:

  • Take the formula Magnolia and Ginger (one capsule after each meal)
  • Avoid overeating especially at night – no food 3 hours before bed
  • Cut out all ice cold drinks and foods
  • Increase warm foods and drink (not just room temperature)
  • Do the Hot Water Detox once a week