A: Yes! I would love to share with you how the Radiant 8 Energy Exercises can affect your brain, bones, hormones, and cardiovascular system. They are simple, yet powerful techniques for rejuvenation.

There is a large body of research to support these energy exercises, called Medical Chi Gong (‘’Energy Technique’’). In China these techniques are widely practiced because of the many health benefits to be gained.

The buildup of stressful events in our lives depletes our energy, throwing hormones out of balance, but studies have shown that these exercises can actually reverse some effects of aging and chronic stress.

Research has been done to measure the effects of Chi Gong on hormonal balance, cardiovascular health, aging, and building bone density. These studies compared those who practiced Chi Gong to those who did not and to those who practiced other forms of exercise. Below is an overview of the results of these studies.

Hormonal Balance

Studies showed that those who practiced Chi Gong had more balanced hormonal levels. This is noteworthy especially because balancing hormones is relatively still in an experimental stage in Western medicine. There is a growing body of research that supports that medical chi gong can actually modulate the hormones – help bring them back to normal levels.

One of the biggest challenges we face today is keeping our bodies in balance while undergoing stress. Stress and overwork can deeply affect our bodies. This is where the benefits of these simple energy exercises are so powerful.

These exercises tap into subtle areas of the body that traditional cardiovascular exercise cannot touch. They help these small cavities to release tension, helping the body to find balance more easily. This is the biggest takeaway of these exercises: they help us to recover from stress. They allow us to have energy and rebound quickly from challenges.

Cardiovascular Health

Heart function improved, lowering the chances of hypertension, high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis. Participants who practiced Chi Gong regularly were found to have stronger contractions of the heart muscle and a slower, more efficient heart rate. They also had an increase in blood supply to the heart, which, of course, improved the overall functioning of the entire body.The lungs also became more efficient

The supporting muscles stronger, and the lung tissue itself more supple.

Consistent practice increases flexibility and strength

One of the studies compared the spines of twenty people who did Chi Gong with the spines of twenty who did not. The group doing Chi Gong had had better posture and spinal flexibility.

Improved Mind/Body Coordination and brain function
Studies have shown a great improvement in mind/body coordination and a stimulation of the cerebral cortex of the brain. The center of memory, decision making and IQ (Intelligence Quotient)
What develops is a state of restful alertness

Restful Alertness is defined as keen awareness with an inner calm, the foundation for dynamic, focused activity.

This is when life is worth living!