A: More people than ever are looking for some kind of help or guidance to improving their health and sense of well being.

We all have plans for what we want to do, but for most of us, while the desire has gotten greater, the time to do these things has gotten smaller. This is the gift of the simple, versatile Radiant Eight Energy Exercises, to reap great health benefits in very little time. There is no extra space needed. You don’t have to go anywhere special. Each exercise only takes an average of 2 minutes to do.

Western exercises build muscle strength and aerobic fitness. They are great for releasing the physical stress of the day. The exercises primarily target the large muscle groups and, of course, increase endorphins.

Our self-care exercises not only release physical stress in the large muscle groups, but also in micro areas of the body that regular aerobic movements do not touch. They dramatically increase your health and sense of well being.

As a result, the Radiant Eight Energy Exercises increase the openness and functionality of the whole body, not just the muscles, but also the nervous system, the glands, sense organs, the spine and the energy meridians. This type of self care exercise (medical Chi Gong “energy technique”) has demonstrated the ability to reduce hypertension, increase bone density, increase mental acuity. They are used by athletes and martial artists to warm up and increase performance.

We want you to speed up your healing process, to reduce your pain, recover from injury, or miscarriage more quickly, to extend the healthy years of your life. We want you to enjoy more energy, vitality and happiness in your life every day.

Many of our customers who do these exercises regularly are surprised. Someone once said to me, “How can I get so much from doing what feels like nothing?”

Start doing them everyday and give us some feedback. Post something in Facebook, make a comment on our Youtube channel, send us an email or use live chat, even call us! Your health breakthroughs are celebrated here!