miscarriage-to-pregnancyHi My name is Kevonn I am 37 years old. I had been desperately trying to conceive a child for the past six years. I became engaged to my fiance in last February and was extremely depressed that I could not bear him a child. I did not understand why I could not become pregnant. I have two children, seventeen and ten, and could not conceive again. Last March I decided to become proactive. I did a lot of research which led me to purchase Super Fertility #3 from the Radiant Wonder website. By April I became pregnant. Unfortunately that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage in May. Although I was heartbroken I did not give up. I continued to take the pills and immediately became pregnant again in June which resulted in a successful pregnancy. I am delighted to say I have a four month old son who I absolutely adore. Thank you Radiant Wonder for helping me conceive a gift from God.

Kevonn A.

St Albans, NY



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