Lack of Energy is the Root of all Disease
~ Ancient Chinese Saying

Having this information means that you can get started right away. You don’t even have to wait for your herbs to arrive. If you start making a few simple changes right now, you will soon feel a positive improvement in your energy.

Remember – your body needs to heal and it needs energy to do that. It needs real energy. Energy that is calm and powerful.

What you need for Healthy Living and Revitalizing Energy

The Best Blood

When it’s well oxygenated and full of nutrients it will be of a higher quality.

Enough Energy

You need to have great energy levels for:

  • Healing your body
  • Daily activities and mood
  • Weight loss

An Improved Energy Flow

When your energy is flowing well, it impacts on your entire body. You will have a better flow of blood, your neurons will be firing efficiently and your lymph will be flowing properly.

The combination of these improvements will bring you a sense of well being that you may not have felt for years.

How to Achieve These 3 Improvements

Improve your blood by improving your digestive system. Your digestive system needs to be in great shape in order to be your healthiest. This is because your digestive system takes nutrition from what you eat. If your digestive system isn’t working efficiently, your body won’t get the nutrition that it needs – no matter how well you are eating. Once your digestive system is functioning properly, it can supply the required nutrients to your body – and your body will convert those nutrients into energy. For a long, healthy life with abundant energy fueling your physical and mental activity, it’s crucial that you strengthen and protect your digestive system.

Build Back Your Deep Energy Reserves – Your Jing. You know your Jing energy well. It is the energy you use when you “run out of energy.”

So this is not the type of energy you get from stimulants. It’s what we call ‘energy reserves’. The closest concept that Western Medicine has to this is the adrenal system – however this energy reserve goes far beyond the adrenal system.


Improve your Energy Flow – De Stress Your Body.

Why is this Important for my Fertility? What’s the Big Deal?

From almost 20 years we have been helping women come to that tipping point of sexual health where they not only get pregnant but hold the pregnancy and have a healthy child. What we have found over and over is that de stressing is often the last thing they address but it is often the lynchpin. It’s the missing link which quickly brings results. In order to have the best sexual vitality, the most beautiful eggs, the most effective reproductive function you need not only nutrition but energy. The key is to bring a better flow of energy and blood to the reproductive area. Once you have your energy flowing, your blood flow will follow.


Ten Steps to a Stronger, Protected Digestive System


healthy-lifestylesIn our busy lives, too few of us take the time to listen to our bodies. We often eat what we want to eat and not what our digestive system needs. Once you have made a few simple adjustments to what you eat and drink, you will start to feel better than you have in a long time. Your body is sending you clear signals that you are on the right track.


Have a Hot Drink when you first get up in the Morning

This is a gentle way to wake up your digestive system and prepare it for the breakfast that will follow. Remember: Cold water shocks the inside of your body.Room temperature water is still cooler than the inside of your body, but it is fine to drink. Warm water or Hot Water HEALS the body.

Have a Warm Breakfast that includes Protein

Avoid cold foods and drinks for breakfast.
Warm cereals, eggs, soy sausage – are all warm and high in protein. You need 10 – 15 grams of protein which is not a huge amount in a breakfast like that.


Get into the habit of having small, high energy meals throughout the day

Grazing is very popular and there’s a good reason for that. If you go for a long time without eating during the day, it can give make your blood sugar plummet. This hypoglycaemia often happens mid afternoon and can make you feel very sleepy and unfocused. Eating small, high quality snacks will keep the sugar levels in your blood more level and you will feel a lot better for it. Don’t grit your teeth and push through the hunger. Listen to your body and feed it! Try nuts, fruit or protein bars.


Sit down to Eat

Sitting down to eat will be helpful because if you eat standing up, you hardly notice what you’re eating. You need to learn to focus on every mouthful. Also if you eat standing up, you tend to eat more quickly.

Eat more Slowly

It takes 20 minutes for the stomach to signal the brain that it is full. If you eat too fast you will eat too much. Slow down and avoid the very uncomfortable feeling of having eaten too much. Eating more slowly also aids digestion. There are important enzymes in your mouth that are not in your stomach. Your food needs both. Help your digestive system. Chew your food slowly. Some people say it helps if you put your knife and fork down while you chew. Slow down and focus on what you’re eating. Don’t multi task while you eat. If your brain is dealing with a computer or TV, there is less focus on what you’re eating and you may eat more than you need.


Do not drink liquids with your meal

If you must have something, then just have a sip and nothing cold. When you finish, always have a cup of warm tea after you have finished eating. If it’s a hot summer day try a refreshing mint tea. This healthy habit of no liquids during the meal and something warm to drink when you finish sounds very simple, but it brings powerful results. What will happen? First of all gas and bloating after the meal will disappear. And your digestive system will not be overwhelmed by extra liquid while it is digesting your food. The benefit? You will grab more nutrition from what you eat. Many of our customers eat wonderful nutritious meals and yet are blood deficient or even anemic. They are not getting the full value of that nutrition. This habit changes that.


Do the Hot Water Detox once a week

We recommend a detox as it will calm and relax your digestive tract. You’re giving your body a day off work to save it some energy. It can use that energy to rebalance and readjust. Hot Water Detox was originated in India and used by Yogis for purification. It is simple, safe, gentle and very powerful. We recommend you do it once a week for best results.

Important Note: The Hot Water Detox is NOT a fast. On Hot Water Detox day, you can eat anything you like as long as it is not cooler than room temperature. If it’s warmer than that, it’s fine.

How to Do It

Fill a thermos with the good tasting water that is the hottest you can bear. Sip from the thermos all throughout the day. The key here is not to drink as much as you can – but to drink often. NOTE: Don’t detox using the drinks fountain at work. It will be cold and won’t work. You need hot/warm water for this.

Continue to Enjoy Challenges but Ditch the Stress

The digestive system is very, very important because it feeds all of your other organ systems. When your digestive system is calm, strong and functioning well, you will feel very centered and grounded. When you start focusing on what you’re eating and chewing slowly, you will become familiar with the sense of calm that you feel. However, your digestive system is also the most sensitive of all the organ systems.

Your liver is easily affected by anger and it becomes upset. When this happens, your liver “attacks” your digestive system. If you can cut down on the amount of stress you’re under, your liver will thank you and so will your digestive system. For a powerful “stress buster” try performing the Radiant Eight Energy Exercises and ask your herbalist for a good herbal formula to balance your liver.


Don’t Change your Diet too Much but do Add in some Foods that Strengthen Digestion

Your digestive system loves high quality protein but it also loves (in alphabetical order) – black beans, cantaloupe, carrots, garbanzo beans, parsnips, peas, pumpkin. rice, rutabaga, sweet potatoes and turnip.

It also loves – Cooking Spices and Vegetables like black pepper, chamomile, cinnamon, garlic, ginger, leek, onion and raw honey.

Stews with beef, chicken, halibut, lamb, mackerel, turkey and tuna can all be very healing. Or, if you’re a vegetarian, make stews with Quinoa, Hemp or Pea protein.Soups and stews are particularly good because they are cooked slowly for a long time which makes them a lot easier to digest. Less work for your digestive system.


Cut Down on or Avoid
  • Cheese (you don’t have to cut down on or avoid butter).
  • Milk
  • Too many salads (especially in winter)
  • Iced drinks
  • Too much bread and pasta

Cutting down on these for a month will help your digestive system to start recovering and become stronger. And you will be surprised by how great you feel.

Cheese and milk are sticky to digest and make us feel sluggish. Cold tightens you up inside. Too much salad weakens digestive function.

Maybe you have been eating or drinking these foods for years and your body never had a chance to talk with you about them because there was no break. When you start eating cheese again your body will clearly tell you whether is doesn’t want it at all or how much is just right. Another fun experiment comes when the body gives you a big clear “no”. Wait a couple of days. Try that food again. If you still get a “no”, then stop that food for 3-6 months. After that, you can reintroduce it. You will most likely find it is fine but if you eat it every day for a week you won’t feel very well.

Always remind yourself the adjustments to your diet are temporary. Don’t feel deprived, because you are not. There is a big craze today about Celiac Disease. Everyone thinks they are gluten intolerant. Very few people actually are but the modern diet can overwhelm the body with gluten. Taking a break or even just cutting way down and then gradually coming back will tell you what you and your body like. You are not creating a big “no” list to keep yourself from eating things. You are creating a new communication – a new way of eating, a new way to feel better and better, a way that is flexible, fun and always changing.

Nutritional Therapy

being-healthyFeeding your body what it needs is a form of therapy. You are helping your body to grow stronger and to have much more energy. Remember the right herbs are also real food. Foods your digestive system will love:

Cooked Vegetables

A body with too much acidity is a body that can develop inflammation. Modern medicine is excited to find that inflammation is behind almost every disease. Where does most of this start? In the “gut” – the digestive system. Vegetables alkalize the body. Especially cooked vegetables. Eat them hot, or not —but as much as possible, cooked. A body with too much acidity is a body that may have more problems.

Note: Your body can’t get as much value from raw vegetables (unless they are juiced). Why? Because you don’t have an enzyme to break down cellulose. Cellulose is the fibrous tissue that is the plant’s skeleton. Cooking or juicing breaks that bond so you can grab more nutrition. Fresh vegetable juice is a high energy food and is instant, powerful nutrition. Some raw vegetables are fine – just not too many.

Seasonal Fruits
• Watermelon
• strawberries and
• honeydew melon

These clear heat from your liver and heart, so enjoy them all summer.
Vary your diet to suit the weather. Eat more fruits and salads when it is hot. Eat more cooked vegetables when it is colder.

This will strengthen the digestive system, and fortify the immune system.

High Energy Foods

Certain foods are especially high energy foods because they are exposed to a lot of sunlight as they grow. Our energy comes from the sun and the goal is to give you more energy – so eat foods that give the body energy.

A handful of nuts and some fruit may have as many calories as a frozen or canned dinner but your will get a lot more energy from the nuts and fruit.
Helpful Tip


Build Back Your Deep Energy Reserves – Your Jing

You know your Jing energy well. It is the energy your run on when you “run out of energy.” So this is not the type of energy you get from stimulants. It’s what we call ‘energy reserves’. The closest concept that Western Medicine has to this is the adrenal system – however this energy reserve goes far beyond the adrenal system.

What is your Jing?

This is the energy foundation for your whole body. It’s the powerhouse that supports all of your bodily functions. You can not think of it physically because it is an energy hub. If we think of its influence in the body in the context of Western organs and organ systems, Jing would encompass the adrenals, the thymus, the thyroid, the brain, the bones, sexual function, auditory function. There is a great deal of modern research being done on herbs which are classically thought of as Jing herbs. It is so fascinating to see references to these same organs or organ functions.

When you consciously strengthen your Jing (with special herbal formulas and energy exercises) you can feel it physically. You actually feel much more grounded and stronger. According to Chinese Medical Theory it is the foundation for your stamina, your sexual vitality, your longevity and the quality of your life. Strong Jing also brings strong willpower and mental focus and acuity. And it is the energy foundation for strong bones.

Do you often have an energy drop in the late afternoon? This is a key symptom that indicates your energy reserves are low. Be alert to this sign. With the right herbal formula and techniques this will one of the first signs that your energy is getting stronger. Cold saps your Jing’s strength.

If you put your hand on your belly, does it feel cooler than the rest of your torso? This is a sign of weak Jing. Too many cold drinks and food over a long period of time is one of the factors that can create this condition. You don’t want the slow movement cold energy can cause in your uterus! You want to bring more energy more warmth, better circulation of blood to this area. This will also help you to activate and maintain strong reproductive vitality. Protect your Jing. There are ways to do this and they are all very simple. You can use a stick-on heat patch or a harimake.

A safe stick-on heat patch will only cost around $20 each month but the results are priceless. Keep one on your belly for the first 2 weeks of your cycle to reenergize your sexual vitality, and give you more endurance. You can get these from Amazon or CVS.

You can also wear a Harimake. It’s a concept developed by the Japanese and it really helps you to hold the warmth in that core area of your body. Many women who have fertility issues have what the Chinese call a “cold uterus”. What is a Harimake? The Harimake is a wide band of soft woolen or flannel fabric. It’s worn under your clothes and surrounds your body – from just above your waist down to around six inches below it. Read more about the harimake.


Improve your Energy Flow – De Stress Your Body

healthy-lifestyle-programWhy is this Important for my health? What’s the big deal? From almost 20 years we have been helping people revitalize their lives.

What we have found over and over is that de stressing is often the last thing addressed but it is often the lynchpin. It’s the missing link which quickly brings results. In order to have the best sleep, high energy, and strong immunity, destressing your body is critical.

The key is to bring a better flow of energy and blood throughout the body. Once you have your energy flowing, your blood flow will follow. How do you do that? By loosening up the tightness that inhibits its flow. The study of energy is the core of Chinese Medicine. And energy is subclinical. It is not something the doctor can measure but it can certainly be felt.


This Section is Key for your Success

The Radiant Eight Energy Exercises – do them every single day.

Click on the link it will open in a browser, in the top right hand corner it says download.
Click that and download the copy this will allow the DVD to stream smoother and without any lagging!

  •  They are quick and effective and they increase your strength and energy.
  • 17 minutes of simple, standing stretches.
  • Do them any time that suits your schedule.
  • Do them in the morning – you’ll have more energy and be calmer for the day.
  • Try doing them just before bedtime – you will sleep better.
  • Take the 3 month challenge.

Do them every single day for 3 months and then quit. There will be an positive energy shift in your body you will not miss. After the 3 months YOU decide how often you want to do them to maintain.

The Radiant Wonder Fertility Massage

Try doing the massage during the second week of your cycle (week leading up to ovulation)

Click on the link it will open in a browser, in the top right hand corner it says download.
Click that and download the copy this will allow the DVD to stream smoother and without any lagging!

  • De stress your Reproductive System.
  • Bring better blood flow and more energy right to your baby’s future home.
  • Only on the second week of your cycle – every day for 10 minutes.
    * If you are not having a cycle, find the date of the full moon. This “is” the first day of your menses.

Do the fertility massage the next week every day.


Hot Water Detox

• Do this in the next few days and then once a week.


Bonus Reading


Alternate Nostril Breathing Exercise

This amazingly simple little exercise helps to remove excess carbon dioxide from your lungs. This removes excess heat, which can cause more tension, physically and mentally. For more information on the Alternate Nostril Breathing Exercise.


How to do Lymphatic Skin Brushing

A lymphatic tune-up can powerfully help your body’s power to detoxify and to protect itself against disease. Lymphatic massage and skin brushing stimulate the lymph canals to drain toxic mucoid matter into the colon. Traditionally it is used to purify the entire lymphatic system. This allows your lymph system to come back to peak performance, efficiently keeping the blood and other vital tissues detoxified. For more information on the Lymphatic Skin Brushing.

Massage your Ears

Do this at least once every day. This is because all of the energy meridians in your body show up on the ear. Rubbing your ears invigorates your entire circulation. When you do it every day, you will notice the difference.


Overview of the Program


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