Introducing the Ask the Herbalist Membership

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This will be a limited-time launch with a price only for Founding Members.

Everyone in Ask the Herbalist will have access to:

  • A Personal Library – Find your Plan in a video format. Special Resources. Bonus exercises, blogs, and videos to support you.
  • Access to regular Q&A’s with Amanda and Eileen – we’ll be answering your questions on a regular schedule (archived in your library)
  • A supportive community of others on their healing journeys. You have asked for a forum where you are not forced to reveal your identity if you choose not to. This is it. We will know who you are. You must be a customer, but it is your choice how you name yourself
  • The Success Path – a map, unique to Radiant Wonder, which will become interactive, where you can evaluate exactly what kind of progress you are making, and be able to anticipate the changes, the fear bumps, the breakthroughs you should be looking for.
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