Frequently Asked Questions About Radiant Wonder

Below are some common questions about Radiant Wonder and our Herbs.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We’d love to help!

Are Radiant Wonder herbs safe?
Yes!  We have scoured the globe looking for the highest quality, most nutrient rich herbs. Maybe more importantly, our herbs are CLEAN. We tolerate zero impurities and contaminants. Each batch is tested and certified.
When is the best time to take my herbs?
Take them anytime! You can take them with or without meals. They aren’t micronutrients like vitamins, which need to be taken with food. Our herbal formulas are food.
Can I take Radiant Wonder herbal formulas while taking pharmaceuticals?

Most modern doctors are very supportive of using herbal formulas. We have physicians and acupuncturists who recommend us.

However, if you are taking pharmaceuticals we advise you to consult your health care provider or a licensed acupuncturist in person. Drugs can have multiple effects on the body and an in-person analysis is best.

Please remember we are not diagnosing or treating any disease. We are reactivating your body’s natural healing mechanisms, which will helps to rebalance your health and well being.

Why would this work when nothing else has?

Because our herbal formulas get to the root of your health issue and reawaken your body’s own self-healing mechanisms. Once your body rebalances, your body will be able to recover from imbalances more easily and quickly, without needing to keep taking the herbs or any medicine. Our herbal formulas revitalize your body in a powerful and lasting way.

Western Medicine typically addresses the symptoms of your health concern, rather than the root cause. We don’t use a bandaid approach. We address the root of the problem, so the symptoms do not return again after you stop taking the herbs.

Can I just take my herbs? Is it necessary to do the energy techniques and food therapy?

Yes! The energy exercises and food therapy are necessary componants of your Radiant Wonder program.

Your herbal formulas are powerful, but they only make up half of your program. The energy exercises will give you deeper & faster results. This is because you’ll be building up strong energy in your body to support the work the herbal formulas are doing.

The energy techniques only add 15-20 minutes to your day, and we offer them completely free of charge. They are our gift to you, because we want you to resolve your health issues once and for all!

Once I start taking herbs, will I need to keep taking them forever?

No. The goal is not to take more and more herbs. The goal is to help the body’s natural healing mechanisms to begin functioning again. Once your body builds that strength again, it will be able to rebalance things on it’s own. You’ll no longer have to initiate that process with the herbs.

However, there are certain formulas some customers choose to take everyday, like Radiant Immune Defense. This is because they like having the extra insurance policy for their immune systems! Then they’ll take other herbal formulas as needed.

Why are you always talking about energy?

The quality of your life depends on how much energy you have. If you want your body to heal, you must have energy.

The ancient herbalists knew lack of energy was the biggest threat to health and healing. So over hundreds of years they developed a practical plan combining unique herbal formulas with easy to do movement therapies. This combination is the basis of our philosophy.

Is it safe to take herbs and supplements at the same time?
Yes! Our herbal formulas are safe to take with of the folloiwng:

– Astragalus

– Calcium

– Collagen

– COQ10


– Fertility Teas (any brand)

– Folate

– Iron

– Maca *Only take in the morning

– Magnesium

– Melatonin

– Omega-3

– Prenatal / Multivitamin

– Probiotics

– Protein Powder

– Royal Jelly

– Serrapeptase

– Spirulina or Chlorella

– Vitamins A-K

– Vitex *Do not take if you are overheating

**If you are currently taking any prescription medications, please consult your healthcare provider

Can I take my herbs during IVF, IUI, or medical procedures?
Most modern doctors are very supportive of using herbal formulas, not at the time of retrieval and transfer, but to prepare your body for IVF. Research has demonstrated that this can actually give you a better chance for success. Sharing with your doctor the herbal formulas you are taking is important when you are starting any assisted reproductive procedure.
Should I stop taking the herbs if I become pregnant?
Stop the herbs when you find out you are pregnant. If you’ve been pregnant for some time before realizing it and you’ve continued taking the herbs, do not worry. It is completely safe to take them while pregnant. It’s just there is a different set of herbal formulas we recommend for pregnancy. Once pregnant, the focus shifts from building fertility to supporting your body as it carries the pregnancy to term.
Can I take the herbs throughout my entire cycle?
Yes, if you’re taking a fertility formula, you’ll want to take it your entire cycle.

However, there are two herbal formulas that are specifically made for particular parts of the cycle.

1. A Woman’s Vitality is taken a little bit before the cycle, into the first day of the cycle, because it is a warming formula and helps to move your blood, preparing the body for your cycle.

2. Peony & Licorice is taken right before the cycle, and as needed during the cycle, because it helps to relax the muscles, so you don’t have so many cramps.

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