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I just finished a cold and a week of antibiotics. My tummy is a mess. Why? Also, my energy is way down. What is the fastest way to recover?

Answer: Great questions. And this is fun to understand.

The way to more energy right now is through your digestion recovering quickly. The energy you run on everyday is ATP production in your gut.

If you don’t generate enough energy in your gut, you are running on your adrenal system (your savings account of energy).

The energy of a cold or flu (heat)  VS   the energy of the antibiotic (extreme cold)

You are getting sick. Usually it starts out as a virus. The doctor can not give you an antibiotic because that is only for a bacterial infection. The phlegm you cough up will be clear or white. That sticky phlegm begins to create heat inside because it is thick and stuck. Heat begins to develop inside. Bacteria grows in heat. The phlegm turns yellow or green. Now you know it is a bacterial infection. Now the doctor can give you an antibiotic.

A bacterial infection is always a heat condition. Bacteria grows in heat.

The energy of an antibiotic is extreme cold (Western Medicine never does anything half way). So the cold antibiotic knocks out the bacterial infection.

Why do you have digestive troubles?

The antibiotic destroyed the natural flora of friendly bacteria in your tummy. The flora has been damaged, so a probiotic is good. But bigger than that is the extreme cold (which is the freezing antibiotic you just put into your digestive system). Knowing this will help you recover faster.

What does your digestion hate? COLD!

So your tummy starts talking to you… “help me!” What you can do to quickly recover your strength after the cold is over: Make a point of having lots of warm/hot foods and drink. Nothing cold for a couple of weeks (your tummy just overdosed on cold.)

Homemade tea to help you recover with a digestive recovery formula like Magnolia & Ginger.

Excellent homemade tea: Ginger & Cinnamon Tea (don’t leave the bag in too long or you will gag! I like to just use a cinnamon stick in the cup and reuse it all day).

I’ve been prescribed strong antibiotics, is there anything I can do to help with the side effects from the antibiotics?

So if you understand your condition has heat you will know the energy of the antibiotic. Cold! And what does your digestive system hate! Too much cold. So what you can do is help the digestive system maintain balance by being careful not to add more cold to your drinks and your food while on the antibiotics. Cook with black pepper or some ginger. Warmth but not over spicy just temporarily.

Cinnamon Tea (don’t leave the bag in too long or you will gag! I like to just use a cinnamon stick in the cup and reuse it all day).

Products that can help:

Don’t take them all! Just the one that sounds best for now. For any of them: 2 capsules after each meal for 2 weeks.

A good combination is Calm Digestion plus one of the others. This will powerfully help you to come back and not be a new breeding ground for the bacteria.

  • Calm Digestion: Helps you to digest any food (read the description), also has Massa Fermentata in it, which has probiotic-like effects.
  • Magnolia and Ginger: Great to bring warmth back to the digestive system, energy back to you
  • Digestive Energizer: Energy and digestive strength
I had the Flu, and now my Energy is very low and I have an Unproductive Cough. Is there anything that can help me?

A lingering cough is the worst. Just at the time you think you should be feeling better, the cough takes away any energy you have.

This is the time to pull out Stop The Cough. It will stop the coughing spasms and start loosening up the phlegm within a day or two. You will never need the whole bottle.

Stop the Cough is a mild mucolytic. Mucolytics break down the mucus and make it a thinner fluid so it can be more easily expelled with coughing.

It is also an anttussive. Antitussives (cough suppressants) relax the respiratory system and the blood pressure and then the coughing reflex relaxes and stops.

You will only need one bottle. Take more than the bottle recommends. You can either take 3 capsules 3 times a day or 5 capsules twice a day. Drink lots of hot drinks. Drinking some plain hot water will also speed things up. Within 1-2 days you will immediately see the coughing is less and the lungs feel more relaxed. It is a magic formula for this situation.

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