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These herbs for my lungs are life savers.
Thank you again. I must say the combination of the herbs for my lungs have really been a life saver. The Great Protector and Restore Energy. I am so grateful for and these herbs from the earth and from your husband and from you and your company that make it all work. I am very grateful to have you as my good friends. Take care!! I have not been sick yet this year and no flu shot!!! YEAH!!! I better knock on some wood. LOL.


Cincinnati, Ohio

8 years of the benefits of Herbal Antibiotic

We have been taking your Herbal Antibiotic for for over 8 years at this point (2016) and I can not say enough good about them. My husband had a very high white blood count for quite a while and his doctor wanted him to see a cancer doctor. However, my husband refused. He started on the herbal antibiotics which lowered the white blood count in about three months. It has remained good and white blood cell count has remained low. Whatever he was fighting off must be ok now. I take them when I need them. I tell everyone i know about them.

I also am a medical herbalist and herbs and natural medicine are my life. Thank you for having such great products. I like Chinese herbals, as I believe they are more potent and better than some standard herbals.

Please note: It is always best to be evaluated by your doctor. If your white blood cells are up it means your body is at war with something. As you can see, although he objected to seeing the Oncologist, he certainly kept testing his WBC count on a regular basis. So his doctor was still monitoring the situation.

Paula Murakami

Spokane, Washington

Chemotherapy Left Me Hopeless, yet now I hold my 2 Week Old Baby

I had chemotherapy for breast cancer at the age of 32. Then I started experiencing menopausal symptoms a year later and was told that I would not be able to conceive naturally as a result. Six years later, still having hot flashes, I could not give up my dream for a child. So I started taking different herbal formulas, such as Schizandra, Liver Tonic 3000, Calm Energy, Super Fertility #2 and Stress Relief. Usually two formulas at a time. I also had acupuncture and cut back on coffee. This was all in the hope of conceiving despite what the medical people had told me.

I felt a lot better and my hormones seemed to balance because I had near enough regular periods. At the end of that year, I reached the age of 40 and decided to accept that I wasn’t going to have children. However, I also took a break from my very stressful job. This seemed to be the missing piece in the jigsaw and 5 months later I unexpectedly fell pregnant.

It was so unexpected I did not realize I was pregnant until I was 9 weeks! Our baby son was born 9 months later. We couldn’t be happier. I am convinced that the Radiant Wonder herbs helped repair my system. I felt so much more alive and healthy. And the other things I did also helped. So thank you, I hope that other people using your products are as happy as we are.

Ellen W.

St. Albans, UK

Chemotherapy Support

Doctors can not believe how strong I stay with weekly chemo treatments and Radiant Immune Defense. It really works now. It is for real. I have been using it now for 2-3 years. Let me tell you my story. I had colon cancer when I was 6. I remember being so weak when I came out of chemo treatments. It was horrible. Then 8 years ago I found out I have liver cancer. I have to have a chemo treatment every week. The chemo wiped me out. For at least 3-4 days the chemo used to leave me exhausted. And I am 50 now, no longer 6. So the fatigue after the treatments was worse. I didn’t know what to do. A friend told me about Radiant Wonder 3 years ago. I started taking Radiant Immune Defense. I never had a problem with fatigue again. It has made a big difference for me. I mean it. After so many years with liver cancer and not being able to do things, now I do everything I was doing before I got the cancer. And, extra bonus, I never get colds and flus anymore. The doctors can’t believe the difference in how I feel and how I can take the treatments. I own a tire shop. I can lift the tires. I can do everything I could do before I got the cancer.

Note: For legal reasons it is important for us to note that this is not a researched claim. It is the experience of one individual. Radiant Immune Defense is full of adaptogenic herbs which have been researched and have been shown to support the immune system. In Chinese theory it is impossible to support what we call the body’s protective mechanisms without also supporting energy. Radiant Immune Defense protects by strengthening the immune system and therefore supports energy.

John P.

Huntsville, AL

Stress Cold Sores Never Show Up Anymore!

I can not believe this formula (Clear Simplex #1). When I first tried it I was having a stress cold sore. Someone in my family was dying and I was so worried and so stressed that my mouth sore started to come on so strong. I was so worried about things and in so much pain at the same time.

When I took this formula a friend offered me, I really did not expect it to do much. But I was willing to try. My pain went way down in one day! And the cold sore went away within a few days. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Now I keep a bottle on hand. If I even feel like I am getting a cold sore I immediately take 9 capsules that first day. I have not had a full outbreak for a year, which is completely amazing. I don’t take it everyday, only if I feel an outbreak coming on. Now I am also taking 2 Radiant Immune Defense everyday. This seems to be strengthening me so stress is less likely to cause a flareup, and strengthening my immune system so it can help to keep me simplex free!

Nabuko N.

Pacific Palisades, CA, USA

Eczema and Nightshades

I used to have a serious case of eczema on my fingers, and especially between the fingers. It was itchy, oozy, and ugly. And I just could not get rid of it. I used the hydrocortisone cream daily. It would tame it down, but never get rid of the breakouts. Then I went to a school for Chinese Medicine, Emperors College, and checked with the doctor in the clinic. It was advised that I should take a homeopathic allergy test. This seemed a waste of time for me because I had already had a thorough Western investigation into possible allergies. Nothing was positive. This test however tested positive for what was at the time one of my favorite foods: potato. I stopped eating potatoes for about 3 months. The eczema completely disappeared.

I went back to eating potatoes and a flareup happened the next day. Back I went into ”non-potato land” (a very sad place). Six months later I tried potatoes again. There was no reaction. I could eat potatoes again!

To this day I can eat potatoes. But, if I eat them more than one day, or if I eat too much, my tummy just doesn’t feel right. If I eat them more than one day in a row I never get the eczema, but the skin between my fingers will get rough. If I stop the potatoes the skin still stays rough for about a month.

If I take Skin Detox Anti-Inflammation Formula (3 capsules 3 times a day) for 3-4 days the hard skin disappears and my hands feel soft again with those few days. I never use the hydrocortisone cream at all anymore. Since that time (which was some years ago) I have discovered the nightshade family. I believe I am also sensitive to tomatoes.

Having marinara sauce on pasta or tomatoes in a salad does not give me eczema, but it does give me the same uncomfortable feeling in my stomach. It is logical that it might be causing inflammation somewhere else in the body. So I generally avoid tomato as well. (The family picture was taken a few weeks ago. I had some delicious mashed potatoes, with no consequences at all. This was the rehearsal dinner for our niece’s wedding.)


Santa Monica, CA

Hepatitis C Under Control!

When I first found Radiant Wonder, I felt a sense of hope. They did not pretend that they were going to cure my Hepatitis, but I started an herbal program which research has demonstrated can bring down the inflammation and help regenerate the liver. I was encouraged me to follow my doctor’s instructions and keep him posted on what I was doing with my herbs. My doctor wanted to put me on Interferon. I have a friend who took it. The side effects were awful. After two years of treatments he had aching joints and muscles, headaches, extreme fatigue, depression and thyroid problems. He didn’t feel better. He felt worse.

I first called Radiant Wonder in November, 1999. I had a blood test at the end of December. It was then that my doctor wanted me to go on Interferon. I told him I’d rather take herbs. In late June of this year I went back for another blood test — I got the results back with big red stars (GOOD NEWS) from the doctor next to the important numbers. He was amazed. I am not cured, but I feel great, and empowered with a lot of information and results. I’m no longer afraid. I want to say that the trust I felt at Radiant Wonder, from the very beginning felt real. And that trust has grown over time.

Edward H.

Miami, FL

Herpes Simplex Virus 2 Under Control

I have had Herpes 2 infections going off and on for 3 years. The doctor would give me strong antibiotic drugs. They had a horrid taste. And, you couldn’t drink any alcohol (not that I drink much or often). These drugs made me feel nauseous. The drugs would get rid of the itching, discharge and odor for about a week and then everything always came back. I was always trying to find an alternative, or at least something that would keep me away from the antibiotic drugs longer. I took a chance trying your products. The testimonials on the site made me seriously consider it. My opinion always has been that herbs have the potential to work better because treat not just symptoms but the underlying condition.

So I called and talked with an herbalist at Radiant Wonder about how to treat my infection. She told me about the product, Clear Simplex #2. In just a few days of using the product, most of my symptoms were gone!!! I had no itching, or weird discharge, or smell!!! I was so surprised. Itching and the odor went away in just a day or two. Discharge went away a few days later. As soon as everything had disappeared for a couple of days I stopped taking the product and put it up on the shelf. Now it is almost a week and it has not come back. I am beyond ecstatic!!

I just wanted to let you know how amazing this product is!!! It works fast, and has no nasty side effects like doctor prescribed antibiotics. Thanks for designing this wonderful product!!! I would also like to give a thumbs up for the formula Cinnamon & Poria. It has totally changed my menses. They are not as heavy and not as clotty as it used to be. I stopped passing those huge painful clots and even the cramps have eased up a bit. You may use my testimonial, but I would like my name and location changed (for obvious reasons!). Thanks.

Nicole B.

Madison, WI

My Voice is Back! No More Sinus and Lung Congestion!

Hi Amanda, I can’t believe how fast your products work! I had a sinus drip for two years that created phlegm in the back of my throat, making my voice so hoarse that it was a constant struggle to talk. The constant phlegm in my throat created bronchial congestion, causing laryngitis, and after teaching an all-day seminar, I lost my voice for a week. This was scary, since I depend on my voice to make a living.

Then a friend told me about a singer who had used your product, Precious Voice, with great results, so I called Radiant Wonder.

I got products that would work with Precious Voice to help my sinus and lung congestion, and within just one day I began to feel the results. After 2-3 days, my voice was clearer and now the lung congestion is almost gone.

I still have a bit of a rasp in my voice, so I’m continuing with the program and will check in again with a progress report. Right now, though, my voice is so much better! I can talk without straining it or getting hoarse.

It’s hard to describe the relief I feel, both physically and emotionally — these products work better than I believed possible. This is the first time I’ve used Chinese herbs, and I’ve never had such fast results from any herb or vitamin. Ever. The results are absolutely amazing!

Noelle T.


Pap Smear Negative! It Worked!

Hi Amanda– just wanted to let you know I just heard results of the pap and ECC (endocervical curetage) the new gynecologist did . . . NEGATIVE! It worked!

Since the statistics are that 60% of all women (those who have had sex) have HPV, I feel that my story is something worth sharing with other women who have been diagnosed and are carrying the same nagging worry I carried for 6 years. I was diagnosed with HPV 6 years ago after investigating the dysplasia (abnormal cells) which showed up with my pap smear.

For the next 6 years I had pap smears every 6 months. The cells were always diagnosed as abnormal. No cancer each time, but no improvement. I must have had 4-5 Colposcopies (cervical biopsies) during those years. Last November I was told that they wanted to do a biopsy under anesthesia for further investigation prior to perhaps a hysterectomy (if necessary). This seemed rather drastic to me and it was not an event I welcomed. I really wanted to avoid the procedure.

I have been working with Radiant Wonder for a long time (since 2005) for various issues. Never thought to bring this one up to anyone. It was suggested that I use the Yin Care and Yin Care Douche applicator for a series of treatments. I used 5 bottles with the protocol for menopausal women. This product is very pure and very safe to use. Plus, it was so easy. The douche is done in the shower (you fill up the applicator and then just administer while standing in the shower. Nothing is inserted. It is an easy quick wash of the vagina.) I finished the cycles in January.

I talked my doctor into humoring me with one more regular pap test first, she agreed and in February I had a retest (along with an endocervical curettage – a rather thorough test all together), I am ecstatic to report that the test results were negative! There was absolutely no dysplasia. Now I am just on a program to do this twice a year as a preventative. I also have a much better understanding of how the dysplasia can happen and why this douche is so safe and effective.

This is such a mental relief for me. There is enough challenge in life. My job is very demanding. Not to have this worry nagging at me when I think of my health and longevity is a real blessing.

Cheryl R.


Sinus & Nasal Congestion Really Works!

OMG, I’m totally blown away. I do not have medical insurance. I was sick for about two weeks and getting worse. I’d taken Vitamin C, been resting, drinking fluids, and was still getting worse. After two nights of not sleeping from a constant cough from a sinus drip, my throat was raw, my nerves on edge, I was exhausted, and concerned that what I realized was a sinus infection was not getting better. While rifling through my cabinet looking for something, anything, to help. I found a bottle of Radiant Wonder Sinus & Nasal Congestion that I’d gotten 18 months earlier and forgotten about. I began taking it, and took throughout the day until bed, hoping it would help with the symptoms. My friend at work offered to bring me in some antibiotics the next day, and I grudgingly agreed. I had no choice. The next day I woke up feeling better!! I got the antibiotics at work, but by the end of the day, I had decided not to take them!! Sinus & Nasal Congestion works. Once again, Radiant Wonder comes through!

Liz K.


Stop it Cold! Natural Immunity for our whole family!

I cannot tell you how much our family depends on Stop It Cold! Forget remedies like Airbourne, EmergenC, and all the rest. I’ve tried them all. Nothing matches this magic formula.

We went from being a family that got sick every winter to being strong and healthy all year round. There is nothing like living through the cold months and not getting sick! Everyone in our family feels the same way.

Here is my family (left to right) me (Rita), Alana (17), Ariele (20), and my husband (Bernie) Bowers. I am a school teacher at Catonsville Middle School. Alana is a Dance & Theatre Major on her way to NYU. Ariele is an Astrophysics major at Johns Hopkins University. And Bernie is both the Diversity Director and the football coach at the private school Loyola Blakefield, where he was once a football star.

With all this going on, can you imagine how many germs we’re bringing into the house and sharing with one another!? And guess what. We don’t get sick!

And listen to this… (I loved when this happened.) I took one of our girls to see our pediatrician two years after starting to use this product. He wanted to know where we had been the last two winters. He actually thought we had switched to a new doctor! (We used to be in to see him every winter with cold after cold after cold!)

Ariele, age 20, the Astro Physics major at Johns Hopkins says: Last year the number of students sick at Johns Hopkins all year was unbelievable. Everyone was sick all the time. All of my classmates, all of my friends got sick, sometimes multiple times. I never got sick. Not once.

Alana, age 17, the award winning dancer and theater high school senior: When I went to a summer dance program in New York last summer I insisted my mom express order some Stop It Cold! I wanted to be sure I could dance every day. And I did! Dancers often get sick.

Years ago, when the girls were young, I called Amanda and begged her to help me. At first I was actually most concerned for myself and my husband. We were so exhausted I wondered how in the world we were going to be able to do everything we wanted for these beautiful girls when we ourselves were always sick or struggling to get well. We had no energy at all.

When we started taking Stop It Cold we were absolutely amazed. Radiant Wonder encouraged me to call whenever someone was starting to get sick. They were so personable and helpful. Colds might try to get us, but now they can’t get us down.

We also love some of their other immunity products, such as Immune System Formula and Herbal Antibiotic. I cannot tell you enough how much we depend on these products!

Rita B.

Pikesville, MD

Cold Relief – Stop It Cold Really Works!

Hi Radiant Wonder, this is Jenny from Plano. I talked to you a while back about Stop It Cold! and Radiant Immune Defense for my 11 year old daughter who has lung issues. I just want you to know how well things are going. First of all, not getting sick all the time has helped her to strengthen her immune system. So thanks.

We went to North Carolina to a family funeral. When we got there my sister we were staying with was really sick. All three of my kids took Stop It Cold. They each took 15 a day for the first couple of days, then they backed off. It was amazing. The cold was really severe so they did get sick, but only for 2 days and at that point they bounced back completely.

My sister’s family and others refused Stop It Cold. They are still coughing more than a month later!

I am very grateful for Stop It Cold. My older girls, 22 and 27, are always coming home in the winter and leaving with a bottle of Stop It Cold to take home to their families. I have a hard time keeping it in stock.

So thanks again. I just wouldn’t be without Stop It Cold. and would recommend it for everyone, or at least those who don’t want to get sick with a cold this winter!!!



Stop It Cold was Nothing Less than a Miracle

Thank you Radiant Wonder for your love and support. You have really catered to my needs. You may remember that I ordered Stop It Cold, Herbal Antibiotic and Children’s Immune Defense for my six year old son. He is currently taking the latter two herbs on a daily basis having overcome a particularly nasty viral infection.

I became run down as I spent many a sleepless night tending to his needs. I knew that my body was heading for a mighty crash and I did not know how I was going to prepare myself for it.

I began to get the symptoms of the the cold: chills in the bone, headaches, aches and pain all over my body. I had no idea what I should do and then I had a light bulb moment! (-: I decided to take Stop It Cold. After a couple of doses I began to feel a lot better so I persevered and after a day and a half (having taken the herbs EXACTLY as directed) I was no longer sick!!! It was nothing short of a miracle and I was astonished by the turn around. My phlegm, which had turned green, was now white, my headaches had almost completely cleared and my aches and pains had disappeared.

I didn’t think that something that was prepared with a child in mind would work on me, a grown adult. It just reveals the power of herbs. I have since ordered my own Stop It Cold, Cough & Bronchitis #1 as well as Youthful Lungs.

I am forever grateful to the Radiant Wonder team. Many thanks to their commitment and dedication to helping everyone. It is having such a positive impact on the health of OUR family. And thanks for making these herbs available so easily to the UK.

God bless you all

Emma T.

London, UK

Texas Allergies — Radiant Wonder Products Helped!

I wanted to thank Radiant Wonder for your help with my allergies.

I have always suffered with allergies especially during the seasons change. I could barely breathe at times it was so bad. I felt tired and it zapped my energy. It also would at times affect my work.

I am a tactical Police officer SRT ( Special Response Officer ) here in Houston, TX and need to be alert, especially during work. During allergy season it is hard to do because the allergies make me feel very tired. I tried every OTC medication and only one seemed to help it was pseudoephrine HCL 30 milligrams. I was taking up to 120 mg a day so basically 4 pills a day. After reading about the side effects of this I decided to look to alternative meds and came across you website.

Here is the program that worked for me :

1st week: I took Herbal Allergy Relief and Breathe Free together. Herbal Allergy Relief 2x day and Breathe Free 2x day

2nd week: I took Herbal Allergy Relief was 3pills a day and Breathe Free 2 pills a day total of 5 pills

3rd week: I took Herbal Allergy Relief and Breathe Free one time day.

4th week: just Herbal Allergy Relief 1x day, but also started taking Radiant Immune Defense 2caps 2 times a day. I believe the Radiant Immune Defense helps to build my resistance to allergens and Pollen etc.

Now I just take Radiant Immune Defense (2caps 2 times a day) and sometimes when it is cold I take 2-3 Herbal Allergy Relief to help the runny nose. I believe like you do we must get to the core of the problem. We as Americans want that quick fix. I understand it takes time for the body to heal and to adjust. I figure it will take about a year for the biggest results, but I feel great already.

Thanks for all your help and God bless.

David G.

Houston, TX

Pesky Cough is Gone!

I fell in love with Stop the Cough formula because it provided so much relief. I caught the flu (the one that feels like mono!) that is being passed around so much this year. I was left a heaviness in my lungs, and a cough that would not stop. It was so difficult because I talk for a living. I had to keep putting people on mute while I coughed like crazy. Even the famous over the counter solutions were no solution.

Radiant Wonder always seems to have solutions to things, so I took a chance and ordered Stop the Cough. Stop the Cough helped to bring moisture into my lungs and helped anything lingering in there to move out. I was breathing better the day I started taking it! And it was so gentle. I was taking 5 capsules in the morning and 5 in the evening. My cough went away, but I continued to take a good dose once a day (5) until the bottle was gone. I wanted to make sure I was completely over this!

Jan D.

Boston, Massachusetts

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