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Below are some common questions about Radiant Wonder and our Herbs.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We’d love to help!

How will I know the herbal formulas are working?

A: This is a logical question. The desire for strong results, and quick results is in all of us. If you have stuffy nose, you might go to the pharmacy and getting an over the counter product that works in a few hours.

The power of the herbs is deeper and it takes longer for the body to fully respond.

“It took about 3 months for me to be sure where this new energy and emotional stability was really coming from. It was so natural it was hard to pinpoint the cause. Then, after about 6 months, my life began to really change. My power, confidence, creativity and ambition all came bounding back.”

This woman’s experience is very typical. The ancient herbal masters always talked of a three month cultivation period. You plant the seed, fertilize and water the field, and three months later you see the strong and beautiful plants growing.

Working with Radiant Wonder’s system is a unique experience. You are not only taking the deep nutrition of your herbal formulas, but you are also learning the ancient secrets of how to use simple techniques, dietary tips and exercises to recharge your energy. This is a powerful combination. Nothing works without energy. Nothing heals without energy. When energy is actualized it is the time when miracles can happen.

What Foods will help me Lower my Blood Pressure?

Hypertension or high blood pressure is considered rising energy in the body, a type of heat, just like headaches or hot flashes or irritability. So eating foods which help to cool that heat and avoiding foods which increase heat can be very supportive for your cardiovascular health.

So which foods can help you reduce the heat? Watermelon, celery, spinach, garlic, bananas, sunflower seeds, tofu, mung beans, bamboo shoots, apples, vinegar, honey.

For dramatic results? Drink room temperature celery juice 3 times a day. Drink water with a little vinegar and honey often. Eat 3 apples a day.

What can you cut back on because it increases heat in the body? too many spicy foods, coffee, caffeine and other stimulants, fatty or fried foods, salty foods, constipation (do whatever it takes to go everyday), pork, overeating , smoking tobacco or pot, white sugar, alcoholic drinks. Notice we suggest cutting back, not cutting out. If cutting out causes too much stress, stress also can increase your body’s internal heat.

And of course, the herbal supplements that help to ground that rising internal heat are many. We can help you make a good choice for your situation:

Pressure Ease 
Stress Relief
Headache Relief

DON’T stop taking pharmaceutical drugs. They protect your heart. Your job is to change your lifestyle and your diet and take herbs to help so you and your doctor can make adjustments as your health gets better.

Do you have Herbal Formulas or Food Suggestions that can help with Joint Pain Relief?

There are two most common types of joint pain, and they don’t respond well to the same therapy. For a diagnosis for what is causing your joint pain you must see your doctor. Radiant Wonder does not treat disease, instead addresses symptoms only.

1. Joint pain with feelings of heat.

Food Therapy: this type of joint pain can be aggravated by eating nightshades, because nightshades have neurotoxins (toxins that affect the nerves). We have an in-depth article on our Blog about Nightshades. These are the foods included: eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes, the herb Ashwaganda, any kind of pepper. You can run a 3 month experiment. Stop eating all of these foods for 3 months. This will not cure arthritis if that is your diagnosis, but you may find dramatic relief from the pain. It takes 3 months for the neurotoxins to release so you can see results.
Herbal Therapy: Organic Spirulina and our formula Clear Heat are both anti-inflammatory and will help bring down the inflammation.

2. Joint pain that is aggravated by cold or cold/damp weather, often affecting only on one side of your body.

Food therapy: avoid cold, raw foods, restrict sugar, and avoid being in damp cold places. Eat and drink lots or warm foods and drinks.
Herbal Therapy: Muscle and Joint Health #2 with the bone strengthener Osteo Pro 3000.

Also, in Chinese Medicine we never address only your pain. We also want to address your overall vitality, helping you to have more energy, sleep better, eat better and feel stronger. The healthier and stronger you are the easier it is for your body to start turning things around. Don’t miss doing your Radiant Eight Energy Exercises daily. We also always recommend Omega 3 for any joint issues.

I get a Headache in the Center of my Forehead after I eat. Why is this?

There is an energy channel (meridian) that goes directly from your stomach to the center of your forehead.

You already know a headache can easily occur if you eat something very cold (the “brain freeze” you can get after too much ice cream). Your stomach has to use a lot of energy to process so much cold so fast. So it sends a 911 call to you with a brain freeze headache.

If these headaches come regularly and not just after cold ice cream, it is because your stomach energy is weak. It has to draw on too much energy to digest your food. Give your stomach a break for a month. Let it go on a good vacation. No more overworking. Give it time to heal. How to do this? Follow the plan below.

What will happen if you do this? Your headaches will disappear quickly. Your energy, happiness and clarity of mind will dramatically change. If you are on a fertility journey you will be improving ovulation and also the ability to hold a pregnancy to full term, because in Chinese Medicine a strong digestive function gives you the kind of energy you need to hold a pregnancy.

Next? Do a test drive: go back to your normal eating habits and make decisions. Don’t decide what to do based on what you have read. Listen to your body and see what makes you both happy.

The 5 step plan for your tummy’s one month vacation:

  • Take the formula Magnolia and Ginger (one capsule after each meal)
  • Avoid overeating especially at night – no food 3 hours before bed
  • Cut out all ice cold drinks and foods
  • Increase warm foods and drink (not just room temperature)
  • Do the Hot Water Detox once a week
I am getting Great Results, but I am wondering why these Herbal Formulas are Working for me?

I’ve taken a lot of other natural herbal formulas. I am really curious why there seems to be a big difference in my results.

First: there is great value in “time-tested” herbal formulas. Time-tested means used by people over and over for a long time. It means if there was something not right about the formula that it was adjusted already.

This is why our formulas are safe and effective with no known negative side effects. Some of these formulas are a hundred years old. Others are hundreds of years in use. This is a big reason why you can trust them to work. They have been refined and perfected over time.

Second: They are formulas, not single herbs.

The Chinese know that certain combinations of herbs have been found to have actions that are greater and more balanced than the actions of the individual herbs alone.

This is the profound foundation of Chinese Herbalism. It is not like Western herbalism where herbs that treat one issue are all combined in a bottle, with no consideration of how they work together. We call these ‘herbal cocktails’

Third: Herbs are not forcing the body to make changes, overtaking its natural functioning.. What they are doing is supporting the body’s own ability to heal, to rebalance. The deep nutrition of the right herbal formulas added to a good lifestyle and diet can bring very positive deep and lasting changes.

Finally, of course, is quality. The difference in your results is also attributed to the difference in quality from one company to another. You may be taking the same Chinese formula, but who made it? And how was it made.

If you are interested in learning more, follow the link here.

Having trouble getting my husband to test. He just shuts down when I bring it up. What do I do?

It is hard for men to want to test. They don’t want to be the source of the problem. The truth is men have a much easier time than we do bringing their sperm health to excellent levels. And they can completely change their numbers in only 12 weeks! So the question is how to let him know they can make dramatic changes on their own, and it may not be that relevant that he actually test. You want him to know, however, how important his sperm is to give his baby the right start. The two of you are making this baby together. Both of you are doing your best for a temporary length of time to be in optimum fertility health so that baby will have the absolute best DNA on the planet. We have a 12 Week Healthy Sperm Program that is on our site. Give this to him first. It will show him what he can do to increase sperm count.

Then let him read Male Fertility Program. Which will explain the testing and what all the numbers mean if he ever does it. The truth is one of the reasons to be tested is to prove what a difference he can make for himself with our simple self care program. You can not believe how many couples we work with have been trying for a long time, the man does the 12 week Healthy Sperm Program and she is pregnant before he finishes the 12 weeks. Was he the problem? Likely not. I think part of the power of the program is both partners working together for that little soul they want to welcome into the world. But, of course, we would not recommend not keeping your doctor in the loop. Let her know what you are doing. She will definitely approve.

If I stop the herbal formulas for a month do they stop working?

I have been taking Clear Flow and Cinnamon and Poria plus following the Radiant Wonder Fertility Plan. I do the energy exercises everyday, eat my greens, cut out the cold, cold food and drink, do the hot water detox, and do the fertility massage for the proper week each month. Sometimes I just can’t afford to buy the herbs. Do they stop working?

A: Thank you so much for asking this question. I’m sure you are not the only one who wonders.

Let me first tell you the story of Romy, here is the email she sent me. I never knew who she was until we received this email. It made me so happy. Of course, I called her to celebrate.

“Hi to Amanda and everyone at Radiant Wonder. I am sorry I did not thank you sooner. It have just been so busy. We just welcomed our miracle baby boy, Marc, on April 22nd. Everything went great. I am 44. It was a long wait.

When I started Radiant Wonder both of my tubes were blocked and I had had 2 ectopic pregnancies. We had been trying for many years.

My last hope was trying Radiant Wonder. I did everything for 16 months. Still no baby. I got discouraged. Money was tight. So I stopped the herbs. I did another HSG. The tubes were still blocked.

Instead of making me quit, the attitude of the doctors made me more determined. Even when I was off the herbs I never stopped doing everything else. So, I came back in August and took the herbs again. In October I tested positive. The rest is history!”
–Romy T., Madison, WI

Does your body stop healing if you have to stop the herbs?

Remember these special herbal formulas are not drugs, which override body functions.Your formulas are created from living plants. They are food. We like to call them ‘’super’’ food.

If you changed your diet for a month or two, would your body stop working? No.

You can think of your herbs as fertilizer is to a plant. If you stopped giving the plant fertilizer, would the plant stop growing? No. Of course, it would still need water and sunlight, just as your body still needs the Fertility Plan.

One half of the power of your program is the herbal formulas. One half of the power of your program is the Radiant Wonder Fertility Plan.

If you stop the herbs temporarily but continue the Fertility Plan you are not going backwards. Things will still be moving forward.

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