Frequently Asked Questions About Our Energy & Adrenal Support Products

Below are some common questions about Radiant Wonder and our Herbs.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We’d love to help!

I had the Flu, and now my Energy is very low and I have an Unproductive Cough. Is there anything that can help me?

A lingering cough is the worst. Just at the time you think you should be feeling better, the cough takes away any energy you have.

This is the time to pull out Stop The Cough. It will stop the coughing spasms and start loosening up the phlegm within a day or two. You will never need the whole bottle.

Stop the Cough is a mild mucolytic. Mucolytics break down the mucus and make it a thinner fluid so it can be more easily expelled with coughing.

It is also an anttussive. Antitussives (cough suppressants) relax the respiratory system and the blood pressure and then the coughing reflex relaxes and stops.

You will only need one bottle. Take more than the bottle recommends. You can either take 3 capsules 3 times a day or 5 capsules twice a day. Drink lots of hot drinks. Drinking some plain hot water will also speed things up. Within 1-2 days you will immediately see the coughing is less and the lungs feel more relaxed. It is a magic formula for this situation.

Which Energy Formula is Best for Me?

This week we are showcasing our most popular Energy Formulas, who they are best suited for, and their greatest benefits.

A lack of energy is not a minor health complaint. A lack of energy is serious. Why? Because it’s a 911 emergency call sent by your body asking for help. This depletion of energy means your body is drifting more and more out of balance.

Our energy formulas offer you so much: not only do they provide all natural energy, but they also bring your body back into balance by helping you adapt to and rebound from stress. This is what gives you your energy back, which ultimately gives you your life back. You’re able to fulfill your potential, because you aren’t chronically fatigued.

I’m extremely tired when I exercise, why don’t I feel that energy “high” people talk about after exercising?
A: First of all, you are not alone! This is a very common problem I’m asked about.

People often tell me they’re exhausted, they get extremely tired in the afternoon, or they feel they should be exercising, but they don’t have the willpower to do it.

Most people think willpower is their problem. They want to exercise, but they don’t have the energy for it. So, they think it’s a matter of just pulling themselves up by their bootstraps and getting to the gym.

Fortunately and unfortunately, that’s not the problem. The problem is your energy. When your energy is low, it’s impossible to have willpower! Likely, you don’t have a libido and you certainly don’t feel very happy. (You need energy in order to feel happy too!)

You’ve regained energy, but not enough to get you through a powerful exercise routine. I encourage you to back off of the cardio exercise for now, and start working to recover your energy. How do you recover your energy?

I have a two step plan for you:

  1. Ground yourself
  2. Lift your energy up
Ground Yourself

The following daily program help you to build and root your energy.

  1. Do the Radiant Eight Energy Exercises EVERYDAY!
  2. Do an extra Powerbuilder for 5-10 minutes everyday (Pro Tip: Find some music that lasts this long, so you don’t have to keep opening your eyes to see the clock!)
Lift Your Energy Up

The following exercises bring energy up in the body. You want to bring it into your lungs so it can circulate throughout your body.
Right now your lung energy is likely a little low. Maybe even your voice is not as strong as usual. So let’s charge up your breath.

(Don’t practice these exercises without first doing the grounding exercises)

  1. Practice Power Breathing. Breathe quickly in and out your nose. Belly breathe. Don’t hyperventilate. Do five breaths. Count to three. Do five breaths.
    Repeat this 2-3 times, no more. Do 2-3 times a day. Activating the energy of your lungs pumps more energy throughout the whole body.
  2. Clap your hands together strongly in front of your chest. Clap five times moving your hands upward.
    Do five rounds of five. Clap like you just won a game! You’ll be amazed at how much it lifts your energy.

This two part plan is far more valuable for you to do than regular exercise right now. It will make your other exercise so much easier when your body is ready for it.

How do you know when you’re ready?

In a few weeks, find out for yourself! Try some cardio exercise and see how you feel. If you feel that “high” you felt you were missing, then your body is ready. If not, continue practicing the Ground-Lift plan above and you will get there! I’m happy to hear you have enough energy and will to want to exercise. Now, let’s get your body to that point as well!

Why am I tired all day, but then I can't sleep at night?
If you want to sleep well at night look first to how you start your day. Do you only have a bagel or piece of toast? Or do you charge your body with energy filled foods in the morning?

All of our Radiant Wonder Energy Formulas activate not only your digestive system, but also your respiratory system. The way to build energy in the body is to support these two systems. The oxygen you breathe gets energy from the food you eat (aka cellular respiration). This creates the fuel you will run on for the whole day.

The ancient herbalists understood the importance of these morning hours. According to Chinese Medical Theory you have between the time you get up and 11 o’clock in the morning to create all the energy you are going to run on for the whole day. Morning is the time to rev up your engine and make sure you have the fuel you need.

You may think, “Well I can skip breakfast and just eat more for lunch and dinner.” Have you ever eaten lunch and finished bursting with energy to conquer the world? Or eaten dinner and been ready to take on more work? Probably not! Obviously you get nutrition from these meals, but the most immediate energy production definitely happens in the morning.

Have you ever noticed if you skip breakfast all together your body asks for food around a certain time?

It’s about 10:30 am. Many people discipline their stomachs and mentally say, “No.  It is only an hour and a half before lunch. I don’t want to get fat. I’ll just wait.” However, you will notice that when you finally do get to lunch you are no longer as hungry as you were at 10:30!

This is not an annoying craving or a random occurrence. This is a 911 call from your body, saying, “Hey! Time is almost up. I need a little more protein so I can get you through the day!” So, if you are exhausted all day and then can not sleep at night, there is a direct correlation with how you start the day.

Regardless of how much energy you start your day with, you’re still faced with the same workload. This means, if you don’t have the real fuel you need for the day, you’ll eventually be running on fumes. You’ll be tired all day, because you haven’t fueled your body properly, but your mind and body will be wired from overworking. This is why you can’t settle down to sleep.

There are other factors that can contribute to low energy and no sleep, but this is most likely the biggest contributor. The Radiant Wonder Energy Formulas will help you to regenerate that energy. And giving your body a proper breakfast will give you energy throughout your day, as well as allow you a good night’s sleep.

Is There any Science Behind the Radiant 8 Energy Exercises?
Yes! I would love to share with you how the Radiant 8 Energy Exercises can affect your brain, bones, hormones, and cardiovascular system. They are simple, yet powerful techniques for rejuvenation.

There is a large body of research to support these energy exercises, called Medical Chi Gong (‘’Energy Technique’’). In China these techniques are widely practiced because of the many health benefits to be gained.

The buildup of stressful events in our lives depletes our energy, throwing hormones out of balance, but studies have shown that these exercises can actually reverse some effects of aging and chronic stress.

Research has been done to measure the effects of Chi Gong on hormonal balance, cardiovascular health, aging, and building bone density. These studies compared those who practiced Chi Gong to those who did not and to those who practiced other forms of exercise. Below is an overview of the results of these studies.

Hormonal Balance

Studies showed that those who practiced Chi Gong had more balanced hormonal levels. This is noteworthy especially because balancing hormones is relatively still in an experimental stage in Western medicine. There is a growing body of research that supports that medical chi gong can actually modulate the hormones – help bring them back to normal levels.

One of the biggest challenges we face today is keeping our bodies in balance while undergoing stress. Stress and overwork can deeply affect our bodies. This is where the benefits of these simple energy exercises are so powerful.

These exercises tap into subtle areas of the body that traditional cardiovascular exercise cannot touch. They help these small cavities to release tension, helping the body to find balance more easily. This is the biggest takeaway of these exercises: they help us to recover from stress. They allow us to have energy and rebound quickly from challenges.

Cardiovascular Health

Heart function improved, lowering the chances of hypertension, high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis. Participants who practiced Chi Gong regularly were found to have stronger contractions of the heart muscle and a slower, more efficient heart rate. They also had an increase in blood supply to the heart, which, of course, improved the overall functioning of the entire body.The lungs also became more efficient

The supporting muscles stronger, and the lung tissue itself more supple.

Consistent practice increases flexibility and strength

One of the studies compared the spines of twenty people who did Chi Gong with the spines of twenty who did not. The group doing Chi Gong had had better posture and spinal flexibility.

Improved Mind/Body Coordination and brain function
Studies have shown a great improvement in mind/body coordination and a stimulation of the cerebral cortex of the brain. The center of memory, decision making and IQ (Intelligence Quotient)
What develops is a state of restful alertness

Restful Alertness is defined as keen awareness with an inner calm, the foundation for dynamic, focused activity.

This is when life is worth living!

Why is it important to be in bed by 10:30pm or 11pm?
This is an interesting question, because both Eastern and Western Medicines come to the same conclusion: do your best to be in bed by 11pm.

According to Eastern Medicine

The most important time to be sleeping is between 11pm and 3am. This is the time when there is tremendous renewal and sleep is the deepest. They also consider this “Liver Time”. Isn’t that interesting? The liver manages stress levels.  This is why any of the formulas that help you to find better sleep always are good for both the liver and the central nervous system. (Sleep Tonight, Calm Energy, Calm Spirit, Spirit Well Being). And have you noticed? If you stay up past 12am you could stay up all night. The Eastern explanation is that the liver has been overstimulated and it just can’t settle down.

Western Science

Has found that if we don’t get at least 5 90-minute sleep cycles there is sleep deprivation. If you get up at 6:30 that would mean you would need to be in bed by 11pm.  So you can see this is a place where East and West come to the same conclusion — a good night’s sleep is best to start by 11pm.

The wonderful benefits of a good night’s sleep:

  • You won’t overeat as much, lack of sleep overstimulates your appetite
  • You won’t get sick. The immune system builds its protective forces as you sleep.
  • You’ll feel better mentally and emotionally. Sleep deprivation feeds depression.
  • You’ll avoid disease without even knowing it. A good night’s sleep brings down inflammation.

Wonder if there is any flexibility in this rule? Maybe you need 15 – 30 minutes more or less sleep. How to tell? Here is a fun experiment to do to find out exactly the best time for Be in bed by 11 every night and see if in a week you start awakening within 10 minutes of your alarm. If you don’t, start going to bed 15 minutes earlier each night until that happens. If you do, then you can experiment in the other direction. Then you have your personalized formula for a great night’s sleep.

My Feet are always Cold. Does this mean something?

There is a natural flow of energy from your feet up to your adrenal system and your reproductive system. This flow supports the balance of warmth and energy for your entire body.

Helping your feet stay warmer is going to have a big effect on your health. And the right formula can change much more than warming your feet! Also be sure you are getting exercise the Radiant Wonder way. At the very least, you should be stretching. Try wearing socks when you don’t normally wear them. Here are 3 formulas which can help. Don’t take more than one at a time

Restore Balance Plus – increases energy, warmth, and sexual vitality

Many people who are low in energy tend to chill easily. Your doctor tells you it is poor circulation. In Chinese Herbalism, chilling easily or cold feet is a sign that your deep energy reserves are low. Restore Balance Plus brings back that deep vitality.

Digest Ease #2 – relieves bloating, releases the blocks for better circulation

If you feel bloating or fullness (even when eating a small amount of food), combined with cold hands and feet, your issue is a blockage of energy than a lack of energy. Energy flow is being blocked. That blockage is in the digestive system. Sounds a little crazy, but the formula does work! This formula helps the digestion and assists to restore the flow of energy and blood warming the feet, and hands!

Super Fertility #5 – the premier formula for women who chill easily

You can imagine how important warm is for building future home for your baby! And cold feet can be a sign of a cold uterus! This formula offers you nutrition for the best quality blood, for better energy, and for better circulation of warmth, blood and energy to your reproductive system.

Why do you Place such an Emphasis on Energy?
A: The quality of your life depends on how much energy you have. If you want more happiness and success, you need energy. If you want your body to heal, you must have energy. Nothing is accomplished without energy.

The ancient herbalists knew lack of energy was the biggest threat to health and healing. This is true for any health issue, but it is particularly apparent with fertility issues. It is so fascinating to learn how to renew your body’s energy and how simple it can be. We tend to think more energy only comes from eating less and exercising more.

However, if you don’t have energy, you don’t have the energy to even want to exercise. You think it is willpower holding you back. No energy? No willpower.

What we know, having studied Chinese Medicine, is that you are lacking is the deep energy that supports every action in your body. You know it as the “energy you need when you run out of energy.” This is the specialty of Radiant Wonder, teaching you how to bring back that energy. Our Radiant Wonder Fertility Plan is a simple, easy-to-follow path to bringing a renewal of energy and success to all of your life. It is ground zero for turning any fertility issue around.

We guarantee you will actually start feeling different. You don’t have to believe it. Just do it.

There is a two-step logic to the Radiant Wonder Fertility Plan

Step one is nutrition:
  1. a) Take the herbal formulas
  2. b) Add into your diet the recommended healing foods
Step two is simple techniques to both energize and destress (adding only 15 min to your day):
  1. a) Add the energy techniques we offer you into your daily routine.
  2. >b) Follow guidelines for “how” to eat (notice this is not “what” to eat)

The goal is to give the body exactly what it needs to build back the powerful calm energy that comes with real health. Now you are open for miracles.

What will you feel?

A natural increase in your energy that keeps building. This growing health and vitality spontaneously brings with it increased odds for success, as well as more confidence, creativity, ambition, determination and happiness. Everything in your life depends on energy. Once it starts flowing back, life becomes so much more fulfilling, in every way.

Why Do You Say the Energy Exercises are so important to do?
More people than ever are looking for some kind of help or guidance to improving their health and sense of well being.

We all have plans for what we want to do, but for most of us, while the desire has gotten greater, the time to do these things has gotten smaller. This is the gift of the simple, versatile Radiant Eight Energy Exercises, to reap great health benefits in very little time. There is no extra space needed. You don’t have to go anywhere special. Each exercise only takes an average of 2 minutes to do.

Western exercises build muscle strength and aerobic fitness. They are great for releasing the physical stress of the day. The exercises primarily target the large muscle groups and, of course, increase endorphins.

Our self-care exercises not only release physical stress in the large muscle groups, but also in micro areas of the body that regular aerobic movements do not touch. They dramatically increase your health and sense of well being.

As a result, the Radiant Eight Energy Exercises increase the openness and functionality of the whole body, not just the muscles, but also the nervous system, the glands, sense organs, the spine and the energy meridians. This type of self care exercise (medical Chi Gong “energy technique”) has demonstrated the ability to reduce hypertension, increase bone density, increase mental acuity. They are used by athletes and martial artists to warm up and increase performance.

We want you to speed up your healing process, to reduce your pain, recover from injury, or miscarriage more quickly, to extend the healthy years of your life. We want you to enjoy more energy, vitality and happiness in your life every day.

Many of our customers who do these exercises regularly are surprised. Someone once said to me, “How can I get so much from doing what feels like nothing?”

Start doing them everyday and give us some feedback. Post something in Facebook, make a comment on our Youtube channel, send us an email or use live chat, even call us! Your health breakthroughs are celebrated here!

How will I know the herbal formulas are working?

A: This is a logical question. The desire for strong results, and quick results is in all of us. If you have stuffy nose, you might go to the pharmacy and getting an over the counter product that works in a few hours.

The power of the herbs is deeper and it takes longer for the body to fully respond.

“It took about 3 months for me to be sure where this new energy and emotional stability was really coming from. It was so natural it was hard to pinpoint the cause. Then, after about 6 months, my life began to really change. My power, confidence, creativity and ambition all came bounding back.”

This woman’s experience is very typical. The ancient herbal masters always talked of a three month cultivation period. You plant the seed, fertilize and water the field, and three months later you see the strong and beautiful plants growing.

Working with Radiant Wonder’s system is a unique experience. You are not only taking the deep nutrition of your herbal formulas, but you are also learning the ancient secrets of how to use simple techniques, dietary tips and exercises to recharge your energy. This is a powerful combination. Nothing works without energy. Nothing heals without energy. When energy is actualized it is the time when miracles can happen.

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