Frequently Asked Questions About Our Digestive Health & Detox Herbal Products

Below are some common questions about Radiant Wonder and our Herbs.

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Why should I Avoid Cold Food or Drinks before 11am?
According to Chinese Medicine, it is before 11am when your body creates all the energy you’ll run on for the whole day. It’s the most important time to charge your digestive system up with warmth and energy. This means eating a warm breakfast or drinking a hot beverage.

Avoiding cold foods and drinks before 11am will help you get the right start to your day. Cold slows down and decreases the amount of energy you can produce. This is because your body is spending extra energy trying to warm up your system in order to digest the cold foods and liquids. Your body is burning energy trying to compensate and recover. Your body doesn’t want to feel like a refrigerator!

Of course you can get important nutritional value from lunch and dinner, but the window of time between when you get up and 11am is important. Let’s just entertain this idea and take a closer look at how you feel during those particular hours.

If you skip breakfast, what time do you get hungry? I bet you know. I remember when I skipped breakfast, or had a cold breakfast, especially if it had no protein in it, I would get really hungry at 10:30. It was like clockwork.

I would discipline my stomach saying, “You can wait until lunch because I don’t want to gain the extra weight.”

I also remember noticing that, by the time I got to lunch, I was never as hungry as I was at 10:30. Try experimenting with this yourself and see what happens. I bet you’ll find the same is true for you as well.

Don’t have cold yogurt for breakfast or drown your digestive system in an iced cold smoothie. Of course you don’t want to have a warm yogurt or smoothie, but at least let it be close to room temperature. Add a little hot water and test the temperature. Sip or eat it slowly over 10-15 minutes. There is wisdom in the old saying: “Drink your food and chew your drink.”

Why can’t I Drink when I Eat? I get Thirsty!
Even if you are making great food choices that doesn’t guarantee your stomach will be able to grab that great nutrition!

Drinking liquids while you are eating dilutes the gastric juice used to digest your food.

You are working against yourself. And if you are drinking iced drinks you are doing double damage!!! (but that is for another day).

What are the consequences?

  • Less nutrition from your food (which means less energy for you)
  • Low appetite in the morning (sign of digestive weakness)
  • Gas and/or bloating
  • Constipation or diarrhea (from weak digestive function)
  • Weight gain and trouble losing it

If you are REALLY thirsty have a little sip, but no more. Drinking liquids while you eat keeps you from getting as much energy and good nutrition from your food. When you finish eating have a hot drink, but just drink 1/2 a cup. This will relax the stomach and open up the path for food to move down.

Then give your digestive system an hour before you go back to drinking fluids. In between meals sip  herbal teas, water, and vegetable juices. Avoid too much coffee, sodas and sugary beverages.

Soups are the exception to the rule. Soup can be a meal itself. A soup made of nutritious ingredients actually makes it easier for the body to assimilate the good nutrition. The broth of the soup is rich in nutrients.

For more information read our blog post Benefits of Not Drinking Water while Eating!

What Foods will help me Lower my Blood Pressure?

Hypertension or high blood pressure is considered rising energy in the body, a type of heat, just like headaches or hot flashes or irritability. So eating foods which help to cool that heat and avoiding foods which increase heat can be very supportive for your cardiovascular health.

So which foods can help you reduce the heat? Watermelon, celery, spinach, garlic, bananas, sunflower seeds, tofu, mung beans, bamboo shoots, apples, vinegar, honey.

For dramatic results? Drink room temperature celery juice 3 times a day. Drink water with a little vinegar and honey often. Eat 3 apples a day.

What can you cut back on because it increases heat in the body? too many spicy foods, coffee, caffeine and other stimulants, fatty or fried foods, salty foods, constipation (do whatever it takes to go everyday), pork, overeating , smoking tobacco or pot, white sugar, alcoholic drinks. Notice we suggest cutting back, not cutting out. If cutting out causes too much stress, stress also can increase your body’s internal heat.

And of course, the herbal supplements that help to ground that rising internal heat are many. We can help you make a good choice for your situation:

Pressure Ease
Stress Relief
Headache Relief

DON’T stop taking pharmaceutical drugs. They protect your heart. Your job is to change your lifestyle and your diet and take herbs to help so you and your doctor can make adjustments as your health gets better.

Can I eat Canned Vegetables? Or do they Always Need to be Fresh?
The best vegetables are ones you can get fresh or frozen. Many people don’t think frozen vegetables are very good, but they are picked when they reach their peak growth and usually flash frozen – meaning they do it quickly.

This helps them to retain many of their nutrients. When foods are canned – they are often overcooked, salt is added to them, and the inside of the can is lined with a preservative – this method depletes the goodness and nutrition of the vegetables.

If you are having trouble getting fresh or frozen veggies, or you are short on time, or even if you don’t like vegetables. There is an awesome solution for you! Get a bottle of Spirulina Organic.

I get a Headache in the Center of my Forehead after I eat. Why is this?

There is an energy channel (meridian) that goes directly from your stomach to the center of your forehead.

You already know a headache can easily occur if you eat something very cold (the “brain freeze” you can get after too much ice cream). Your stomach has to use a lot of energy to process so much cold so fast. So it sends a 911 call to you with a brain freeze headache.

If these headaches come regularly and not just after cold ice cream, it is because your stomach energy is weak. It has to draw on too much energy to digest your food. Give your stomach a break for a month. Let it go on a good vacation. No more overworking. Give it time to heal. How to do this? Follow the plan below.

What will happen if you do this? Your headaches will disappear quickly. Your energy, happiness and clarity of mind will dramatically change. If you are on a fertility journey you will be improving ovulation and also the ability to hold a pregnancy to full term, because in Chinese Medicine a strong digestive function gives you the kind of energy you need to hold a pregnancy.

Next? Do a test drive: go back to your normal eating habits and make decisions. Don’t decide what to do based on what you have read. Listen to your body and see what makes you both happy.

The 5 step plan for your tummy’s one month vacation:

  • Take the formula Magnolia and Ginger (one capsule after each meal)
  • Avoid overeating especially at night – no food 3 hours before bed
  • Cut out all ice cold drinks and foods
  • Increase warm foods and drink (not just room temperature)
  • Do the Hot Water Detox once a week

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