SophoraClear Heat, Clear Simplex #2

CoptisAcne Remedy, Classic Cleansing Formula, Clear Simplex #1, Digest Ease #1, Herbal Antibiotic, Parasite Cleanse, Quiet Colon, Sleep Tonight

PhellodenronA Woman’s Treasure, Classic Cleansing Formula, Clear Simplex #2, Digest Ease #1, Fertile Treasure, Osteo Pro 3000, Quiet Colon, Relax & Release, Replenishing Essence, Super Fertility #2, Super Nourishing Formula, Transition #1

EvodiaBaby Blanket, Fight The Flu!

Star Anise – N/a

Sage (salvia) — Not harmful, but can dry up the milk. Radiant Wonder Formula with sage: Beautiful Hair, Calm Energy, Corydalis Pain Relief, Energy Flow, Nature’s Beauty Secret, Radiant Spirit, Spirit Well-Being, Super Herbal Detox, Women’s Sexual Vitality

Licorice — Ok in small amounts. Not ok in large amounts.
-Radiant Wonder Formulas with large amounts of licorice:
Peony and Licorice (50% licorice) and Super Herbal Detox (licorice is largest ingredient)

  • You will see licorice as an ingredient in most formulas. The amount will be less than one percent of the formula. It is like a pinch of an herb in a recipe. A ”pinch” of licorice will help all the herbs work well together.

Rhubarb — This is not dangerous for the baby, but you don’t want to take too much and cause the baby to have diarrhea.

  • Radiant Wonder Formula with rhubarb: Herbal Maxi Lax
    The only other Radiant Wonder Formula with Rhubarb is Stress Relief, which should be ok, but if it causes loose stools, please stop using and return the product.

Garlic — (Just a note of interest because some people enjoy a lot of garlic in cooking) — Garlic flavors the milk, so sometimes the baby will not drink as much as he/she should.

*No matter what you eat or herbs you take, they will go into your baby’s system. Your baby will let you know if they are okay; if they are not okay, you may experience diarrhea or a tummy ache. If this occurs, just stop whatever you were eating or taking; the baby will be fine. Obviously there are things you could ingest which would be dangerous, but not your normal herbs and food. Feel free to call and check with us should you have any questions.