Okay. I mean, super, super quick. I just, I’ve been on the bringing back the cycle program and my cycle came back last week.


Oh my god.


She’s so calm about it. I’m just gonna give me a little feedback.


From then that’s like a stupendously nicest


New cycle since February of this year. And so I started the program in June. In literally one day because I have a big counter on mine. And then I was like, I’m gonna be doing this day to try and on the 90 day my cycle last week, oh, it is a completely regular cycle about five or six days. Completely normal and no cloudy. Little bit of cramping but yeah, it’s completely normal. I cry, to be honest. When I saw it, I cried.


Yeah. Well, there’s there’s so much baggage that we’re carrying from being told that first of all, you’re not supposed to tell someone they’re in menopause that they haven’t. They’ve had a cycle within a year. And they’re telling people that haven’t had a cycle for three months. It’s menopausal. But I help people who haven’t had a cycle since they were 16. And they’ve helped themselves I can’t say I’ve done it. I’ve done is shared with them what to do and they’ve had the courage and the patience to just keep doing it until it came back. People like Zareefa. Habib, I don’t know if you know who she is. And, you know, and then woman I put in the last newsletter, Suzanne Smith. She just kept going. Everybody kept telling her,  her acupuncturist told her she never got she’d never get pregnant and she just kept going. 


Well, this is fantastic. That’s so great. Really good. So, you know, so now, I mean,  you’re pretty young you look like you’re in your 20s 30s.


I’m 38.


Yeah. So probably you want to keep taking the herbs for you know a little bit longer you can you and your body can talk about it because just having the menses come back. You want to make sure you have those things like enough energy, no slumps at three o’clock in the afternoon. Know the signs of good circulation. So you just want to be at least doing all the free things and maybe taking what is the foundation formula in and that is Super Fertility #6,  So super fertility #3 is a really great formula because it builds blood, and its main ingredient is Ho Sho Wo. And Ho Shu Wu will means Mr. Ho’s black hair. So Mr. Ho was thrown in jail and in those days the jail had a dirt floor and there was a bush growing and he got hungry and he started eating the bush over time. And they say that he went in with white hair and he came out with black hair and fathered 50 children. And so the stories go with the herbs before the research comes in. But the research has shown modern research that increases sperm increases eggs increases the quality above sperm count to more eggs more sperm in increases. It’s really good for sleep and of course it helps the five issues blood issues for women, hair, skin, nails, energy and sleep. So and because these formulas are made for you. It also has herbs in there to help your digestion be stronger. Because if you want to keep good energy and when you’re raising children, you need good energy. So if you want to keep good energy and you want to keep replacing the blood that you lose every month and you want to be running the marathon it takes to raise children and work and do whatever else you’re doing. Then, you know you helping the digestive system is super important. And Western medicine has been figuring this out. That’s why they have everything about the gut, the gut, the gut, the gut, so but with their thinking it’s mostly taking different vitamins that replace things that it might be missing in your gut. And what you bring to the table is helping the subclinical things they don’t talk about whether you have a little feeling uncomfortable when you eat, you know different things like that. Being able to adjust those just with the plan. So just keep your free plan. Cut back to just if you want to all the way back to Super fertility three. If you feel you need what is the what’s the balancing formula? Is it balance? Is it stress relief? Is it conferences, really stress really. So if you feel like stress relief really helps you great. That’s something that you could definitely experiment with. You can also experiment with your foundation formula. You can at some point you could try complete supertonic credible for for stabilizing energy and also has a strike listen in which is really good for the immune system going into the fall. So we’re trying to kind of think how can I spend the least and get the most results right? Thinkers thinkers energy tonic is a sister formula. They’re both great fertility farmers because they build blood they both work on the digestive system. Thinkers energy also has herbs in it to calm the central nervous system. So it may take the place of stress relief as well as building the blood. The main herbs in this are not Hoshi whoo they’re like dog way and Romania which is all fine but you might you can play if you don’t have your your in the path. Yeah, so just look at the not quite sure where it is with that list of the foundation formulas. And, you know, you can think about which one sounds like you ask questions. But this is so great. So when did they come in the morning and the afternoon when


it came in the evening? I actually was it came with no warning. So I had advised no warning. I literally like laying in the bed at 1030 at night and I felt a little bit of a pain on my right side kind of like in my ovary and I’m just like oh that’s interesting, you know, but didn’t think anything else. And then I was just like I’m just gonna go to the bathroom before cutting off on TV and going to bed.


What do you think that is so wonderful. That’s so wonderful. And just just really great. Well, we love your sharing a little bit of feedback. It’s a great, great, great thing. Okay, all right, so I’m gonna say goodbye because I’m over time but I’m sure glad I waited to find out what you had to say. It’s really wonderful. So my heart to yours. Congratulation. Thank you. All right, everybody. I’ll see you next week and I’ll see you in the past.