(This video was part of a live Q & A) 


The Femoral Technique is an exercise that brings more blood circulation to the pelvic organs – helping to keep the uterus and ovaries healthy. It can be done by yourself, but feel free to have it performed by a partner if you’d like.

  1. Apply pressure to the large artery that is located below the crease in your groin between the thigh and abdomen. This is your femoral artery, which branches from the iliac artery (responsible for bringing blood to the uterus and ovaries.)
  2. When you feel the heartbeat of the artery, apply firm pressure with your 3 middle fingers, holding for 30 -45 seconds. The blood is now being forced to reroute and is supplying the pelvic arteries with blood.
  3. Next, remove your fingers, releasing the pressure – many feel a warm sensation down the legs as the blood flow resumes its typical path.
  4. Repeat this same routine 3 times on the same side.
  5. Then do the technique on the opposite side of the body.

Do the Femoral Technique 3 times on each side of the body twice a day. Start with the first day of your menses (if no cycle yet, start with the full moon). Continue up to ovulation (or if no cycle 2 weeks later). If you are doing an embryo transfer, do it up until the day before that transfer.

Note: Do not do the technique is you are or think you may be pregnant, have high blood pressure, heart disease, circulatory problems or have a history of strokes or detached retinas.