As you know we have been spending the last 3 months since Russell died reorganizing.

We wanted to keep going and not just keep going but fully develop The Path as a hub of support for you.

The first two issues we had to tackle:  

1. We could no longer manufacture, but we still wanted the same uncompromising quality Russell sourced with the herbs he was buying. 

This has been resolved. And the good news is that there are only a few products of the over 150 products which are temporarily unavailable. 

 2. Financial adjustments are being made because we are no longer manufacturing with the huge profit margin that allowed us to offer buy-one-get-one and beyond. 

This video discusses the process we are going through and a decision about your 10% discount with a discussion of the plans we have for a Rewards Program.

It is less than 2 minutes long.

Any feedback you give me, I’ll be happy to get.

Just hit “reply” and let me hear from you.

Much love,