How To Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Boosting Herbal Formulas

Boosting Food Therapy

Boosting Lifestyle Tips

At Radiant Wonder, your health is our priority. We have always provided natural ways for you to boost your immune system. In light of the challenges we face today, we’re happy to share our guide to boosting your immune system naturally through our formulas, food therapy, and lifestyle tips.

Please make sure you watch our free 5-minute Quick Calm Down video at the bottom of this page. It will help you find some calm.

1. Your Radiant Wonder Medicine Chest

Radiant Immune Defense

120 capsules. For anyone over 6 years old.

  • Protect yourself quickly. Power up your immune system with Radiant Immune Defense
  • Powerful combination of the most researched adaptogenic herbs in the world
  • Science calls these adaptogens immune modulators, helping the immune system adapt to changing circumstances
  • The traditional use for these healing herbs is not to treat disease but to bring such vitality to the body that it is able to resist disease

Children’s Immune Defense

Since the immune system of a child is more vulnerable and delicate than an adult they are more susceptible to illness and infection. Children are in the process of building their immune system. That is why they can become sick more often than adults.

This is an excellent formula for the cold and flu season and is very strengthening for the lungs. It is perfect for any child over 4 years old. If the child can’t swallow capsules this formula actually tastes good! Put in spoon with a little honey.

Fight the Flu

Fight The Flu! is a complex formulation of phytonutrients that are used to relieve very specific symptoms: 1. A constant fever. Sometimes high, sometimes not so high, but an unrelenting fever nonetheless. It does not go up and down like the fever in a normal cold. 2. Feeling dry. Usually a sudden appearance of a dry cough that will not stop, especially at night.

Fever Buster

Fever Buster is designed to quickly bring down a high fever. Normally it is not needed more than a day, at the most two. Always make sure your doctor knows if you have a high fever that does not go up and down. That is the most dangerous kind of fever. Fever Buster should not be used for a long time because it is very cold in nature (to bring down the heat), and that can weaken your digestion. Fever Buster is a potent combination of Lonicera, Forsythia, Scute and three other highly concentrated herbal extracts.

2. Boosting Food Therapy

Reishi Mushroom

Extensive research has shown that Reishi Mushroom, probably the most famous adaptogenic herb, has a powerful effect on the strength of the immune system.

Consistent use of Reishi helps the body to resist disease, by supporting the immune response. It is so important in the cold and flu season because it makes us strong, and one of its side benefits is to help us fight the flu.

You can now find fresh reishi in many grocery stores.  If you are having trouble it is fine to open our Reishi Mushroom capsules and add reishi to your soups and stews. (3-5 capsules).

Hot Water Detox

This Detox is deceptively simple. It can be done once a week with profound results. It is simple to do, doesn’t interfere with your schedule and helps your body tremendously. The basic principle: Allow the body to speed up its ability to rebalance by giving it a day “off” from cold food and drink. This allows it to save the energy it would be using to readjust itself from the shock of too much cold.


Fresh Ginger is a well known ingredient for it’s ability to improve digestion by bringing warmth to the body. It also supports the functions of the immune system and is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Ginger root has a warm energy and is used primarily to strengthen digestion. It also improves breathing, by helping to release the accumulation of cold and damp energies from the lungs. Ginger also has been shown to enhance the affects of both Astragalus and Ginseng, so these herbs are often seen together in the same formula.

Healing Warm Fruit Compote

This is a wonderful healing soup to make to help resolve chronic constipation. If you take it only 3-4 times a week you will be significantly be helping your body to have more regular bowel movements. A blessing for pregnant women.

The dried fruit will give you a compote that lasts longer in the fridge, but you can also add canned or fresh fruit if you only have that available. You don’t have to drink a lot. Just a little cup in the evening. Okay to freeze. Again, the important point is that it’s served warm.


  • If you think you are getting sick, cut out sugar and alcohol completely (telling your body it is temporary, and it is!) Having sugar or alcohol is the best way to insure you are going to get sick.
  • Make a humidifier out of an essential oil diffuser.
  • Eat a pear! Pears moisten the lungs–cooked or steamed for best effects.

3. Boosting Lifestyle Tips

Giving Back

Right now we know that many of us may get the virus, and that statistics say for most of us it will be like a mild cold. We know the average age of victims has been 80 years old. Let’s step up in our own lives and do, in our own way, everything we can to help and protect those who need the help and protection. It could be sending a “Hi” and a smile to an older person on the street. Some can feel invisible. A letter. A phone call. Volunteer. Look for your own ways to help.

Stay Warm – But Not Dry!

Any virus will multiply like crazy if the air is cold and dry. The virus will die in heat and humidity. So don’t let your room (or your car) get too cool or too dry. That humidity and heat is a protective barrier for you!

Fun solution: use an essential oil diffuser on your desk, or in your car. This will help you (and your plants) stay hydrated in the dry winter air.

Want to add some great essential oils for the cold and flu season?  Try combining Eucalyptus, Cinnamon and Thyme.  Tea Tree is great, but in moderation as it can be drying. When using essential oils only use 2-3 drops, less is better. Put the heaviest smell in first (Tea Tree or Thyme) Add the lightest at the end (Eucalyptus). It is light and wants to move up and out.


The value of quiet time for the mind is no longer disputed by anyone. Every person knows how good it is to stop the world and get off for a few minutes. A time to commune with God, the Universe and your inner GPS.

There is another quiet meditation that can bring physical benefits at the same time. When you stand still in a relaxed position, closing your eyes, you allow a lot of physical stress to release. When you stand quietly sometimes you may move a little bit.  This is the muscles relaxing and the circulation improving.

Quick Calm Down with Our 5-Minute Video

Testimonials for Quick Calm Down

“I am a teacher of 2nd grade children in a public school. I was getting anxiety attacks half way through the day. What I do now, is go into the bathroom, stand in the stall, and do this exercise (I know, it sounds odd, but it is the only place I can take 5 minutes of private time). I do the exercise. It actually takes only about 3 minutes because my body knows the routine. I come out slowly, and go back into the classroom which my assistant has been managing. I am a different person. Myself again. Doing this as a regular routine has changed my life. It is so easy, so simple, and free!” Alnisha Z., Long Island, NY
““I have taken Radiant Wonder products for 15 years. I love them. And I also love the free exercises, lifestyle tips they offer. One of my favorite friends is Calm Down Now. I had a dramatic experience with it. One night my husband was away recruiting for the private high school he works for. Neither of my girls were home, and I felt my blood pressure was getting really high. I took my pressure. It was. So I called my parents and they were on their way over to get me to take me to the hospital. Then I thought of Calm Down Now. It always calms me when I do it standing up. I kind of know it by heart I have done it often enough, but I didn’t want to stand. So I lay down and just did it slowly and gently. My parents arrived 20 minutes later. My blood pressure was completely normal. I was so grateful. I still called my doctor and we arranged an appointment the next day, but I felt so good that I knew something I could do to help myself. Makes me feel so much less afraid. Instead I feel empowered. Thank you to my Radiant Wonder family.” Rita B., Baltimore, MD