A:  Absolutely stress can affect your FSH levels. We have seen dramatic rises of FSH after extreme stress. We have also seen FSH levels drop back below ten when the woman has learned how to help herself physically recover. Your FSH does not have to stay high. As you regain more calm and more energy you also gain adaptability, so stress does not make such a lasting physical impression.

This is the importance of the Radiant Wonder Fertility Programs. They are designed to bring back qualities needed for strong sexual vitality. They are designed to teach you how to restore your energy and your natural flexibility. The key is not just the special nourishing herbal formulas, it is also the healing foods, the Hot Water Detox, the breathing exercises and the Radiant Eight Energy Exercises. Everything you learn to do is focused upon helping you both renew your energy and reduce the tension that inhibits your healing.

Usually it is not your mind that is keeping you from relaxing. It is your body. And key to that is your energy. If your energy (without the help of sugar or caffeine) is low it is harder to heal. If you have low energy and you have a traumatic event it is harder for you to bounce back to balance. So, if your energy is low your tension can be higher.