A: It is hard for men to want to test. They don’t want to be the source of the problem. The truth is men have a much easier time than we do bringing their sperm health to excellent levels. And they can completely change their numbers in only 12 weeks! So the question is how to let him know they can make dramatic changes on their own, and it may not be that relevant that he actually test. You want him to know, however, how important his sperm is to give his baby the right start. The two of you are making this baby together. Both of you are doing your best for a temporary length of time to be in optimum fertility health so that baby will have the absolute best DNA on the planet. We have a 12 Week Healthy Sperm Program that is on our site. Give this to him first. It will show him what he can do to increase sperm count.

Then let him read Male Fertility StartUp Program. Which will explain the testing and what all the numbers mean if he ever does it. The truth is one of the reasons to be tested is to prove what a difference he can make for himself with our simple self care program. You can not believe how many couples we work with have been trying for a long time, the man does the 12 week Healthy Sperm Program and she is pregnant before he finishes the 12 weeks. Was he the problem? Likely not. I think part of the power of the program is both partners working together for that little soul they want to welcome into the world. But, of course, we would not recommend not keeping your doctor in the loop. Let her know what you are doing. She will definitely approve.