A: Remember that you are preparing the home for your baby. The following tips will help you to do just that:

Don’t ignore your feelings.

Help yourself feel your way through them, not think your way through them!If you start to get afraid and scared, simply allow your awareness to shift to your body and your breath. Take a few deep breaths, as oxygen can help to burn off adrenaline. This will also help you drop into your body and come into the present moment.

Stay Hydrated and Use Electrolytes.

Water is a conduit for your energy and vitality. When you are fully hydrated your body has more vitality, which also means more sexual vitality. Staying hydrated is extremely important to avoid muscle spasms, and that includes uterine spasms.

Eat well for your baby.

Your baby wants to move into a home that is warm and full of the best quality blood. To build the best blood, replace cold/raw foods with cooked veggies, especially dark leafy greens. We also encourage you to avoid sugar.

Smile. Laugh. Sing (or Hum).

Did you know that smiling changes brain chemistry? The ‘’feel good’’ neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin are all released when you smile, as are endorphins. Laughing, singing, and humming are also techniques used to decrease cortisol levels and increase the hormones that support your fertility.

Warm your belly BEFORE your Transfer

To help relax the muscles and tendons of the lower abdomen, increase circulation, reduce inflammation, and relax cramping and spasms, apply a hot pack on the low abdomen after the retrieval leading up to the transfer. *Do not use the hotpack after the transfer.*

Everyday, but especially the night before and day of your transfer, play a special soft song that you love.

If you listen to music you love, it will support you and your baby all the way through the transfer. It gives you a place for your mind to go when you start to get nervous. Think of it as a wave you are setting up between you and your baby that floats above all the emotions and turmoil of the world

Special acupressure tapping point for calm and balance.

One of the most effective acupressure points on the body is so easy to access. It is on the inside of your wrists, about 2 inches up from the crease. Follow our simple acupressure exercise (found in the full article below) in order to feel more balanced and centered.

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