A: The truth about your eggs. First of all even in our forties and early 50s we have thousands of eggs left. So why are we told we don’t or that they may be defective?

A very important truth is that the development of your eggs depends a lot on your internal environment, the health of your body. Of course the eggs of a twenty year old can develop through almost anything. As we age, the choices we make for our diet and lifestyle start to play a very big role in nourishing our developing eggs. Drugs, extra chemicals in our food stress hormones (Cortisol) and a sloppy, poor diet negatively affect that egg development.

The bad news? If you don’t take care of your body there is no way your reproductive system can make up for that on its own.

The good news? A good diet, lifestyle choices and habits to de-stress are extremely powerful no matter what your age, for supporting the development of healthy, strong eggs. Isn’t that great? And remember: you only need one good egg.

The 3 keys to your success:

1) Get the best nutrition (food and the right herbal formulas)
2) Move your body
3) Make choices for less stress and regularly use the de-stressing techniques we teach

To understand in more detail how changing the internal environment of your body can help your eggs read our Egg Health – Quality/Quantity Program