A: This is a logical question. The desire for strong results, and quick results is in all of us. If you have stuffy nose, you might go to the pharmacy and getting an over the counter product that works in a few hours.

The power of the herbs is deeper and it takes longer for the body to fully respond.

“It took about 3 months for me to be sure where this new energy and emotional stability was really coming from. It was so natural it was hard to pinpoint the cause. Then, after about 6 months, my life began to really change. My power, confidence, creativity and ambition all came bounding back.”

This woman’s experience is very typical. The ancient herbal masters always talked of a three month cultivation period. You plant the seed, fertilize and water the field, and three months later you see the strong and beautiful plants growing.

Working with Radiant Wonder’s system is a unique experience. You are not only taking the deep nutrition of your herbal formulas, but you are also learning the ancient secrets of how to use simple techniques, dietary tips and exercises to recharge your energy. This is a powerful combination. Nothing works without energy. Nothing heals without energy. When energy is actualized it is the time when miracles can happen.