A:Cold Uterus” sounds horrible and weird. But it really isn’t. It is just a clear signal from your body that you need to make some changes.

Why should you care? Because if you want to increase your fertility, increase your odds for unblocking your fallopian tubes, or reducing fibroids and endometriosis you want better circulation. Blood circulation improves with warmth. If you are building the home for your baby. You want it to be nice and cozy warm.

There are a couple of signs that can indicate a cold uterus. (you may not have all 3)

  1. You are often feeling cold when everyone else around you is just fine.
  2. When you have your menses at the very end the blood is very dark.
  3. If you feel your belly and it feels colder to the touch than the rest of your torso.

The reason you feel 1 and 3 is obvious. You need more warmth. The reason for number 3, when you might see very dark blood at the end of the period is too much cold in uterus. The circulation slows down and the blood stagnates, turning dark.

It the uterus is cold the solution is to warm it up!

There is a wonderful herbal formula called, Baby Blanket, specifically designed for cold uterus.
Start with one twice a day and increase over a couple of weeks to 2 twice a day. If you get too warm go back to 1 twice a day. You want to find the dose just perfect for you. You can usually turn this around in a few months.

What can you do to speed things up?
  • Do the free Radiant Wonder Fertility Massage
  • Find some breathing exercises you like and do them everyday
  • Put warmth over your lower abdomen before ovulation
  • Good to eat and drink warm

Note: as you make these changes your reproductive function will improve. Stronger ovulation will be encouraged and you will also be building a stronger body to help you hold the pregnancy when you do get pregnant.