A: Miscarriage (even if it was not many weeks into the pregnancy) is very taxing for our body. You have been robbed of both energy and blood. It is essential to take the right supplementing herbal formula and eat carefully.

You are most likely feeling depressed, but a lot of that is also just your exhausted body. Help yourself to regain energy and blood and your mood will also become easier. Your excess weight is simply a by-product of lack of energy. You have not been able which is unable to properly metabolize your food.

Consult with your primary physician to make sure your delivery process did not injure the uterus and to rule out fibroids. Also have them conduct thyroid panel tests to ensure you are not suffering from hypothyroid condition.

Miscarriage Support

To bring back the blood:

  • Eat lots of green leafy vegetables cooked to bring back your blood. (look for our webinar on how to build blood)

To bring back energy:

  • Don’t go to the gym at night and push yourself to do more and more. Better to exercise gently and not ever heavily at night. Come home. Lock yourself in a room and dance (and sing) for 20-30 minutes. You can also walk or bike. The idea is to move and de-stress, not to exhaust yourself more.
  • Do the Radiant Eight Energy Exercises everyday (anytime).
  • Eat 5 times per day, a quarter of the portion that you were originally consuming per meal. Your last meal of the day should be no later than 7 PM.
  • Always make sure to have at least 3 hours between the last meal and bedtime.
  • Stop eating bread and pasta. Hard? Then allow yourself 1 piece of bread a day.
  • Increase your water intake.
  • Keep sugar and dairy to a minimum.
  • Eat ample quantities of fresh vegetables, in the winter should all be cooked. Doesn’t have to be hot, just cooked. Plus some fruit. Make sure all fruits are seasonal. So if it is winter no pineapple and mango (unless where you live it is tropical). Apples and pears.
  • Avoid fatty foods, processed or fried foods, and sodas.

Herbal formulas to support you: Miscarriage Recovery Program

A product to add into your program would be Lose Weight Now. It will build energy and help your body start metabolizing the food again.