A: I just read a brilliant article by a doctor for whom I have a lot of respect. I will put a link to his full article a the bottom of the page. It is worth reading.

He answers your question precisely. He calls it the “Myth of the Diagnosis.”

You have been diagnosed with high FSH and low AMH. And you have been told that these are indications of menopause. Why? Because it is true? No.

You are being labeled with a group of women who have similar numbers only, and it is immediately assumed the attributes of your situation also match theirs. This is wrong. They are labeling you in a “one-size-fits-all” diagnosis based only on numbers. When you approach your situation from the Radiant Wonder perspective, you find you have a lot of personal power to change your situation.

Doctors are good at taking a snapshot of where you are, but you are not stuck there, or trapped by the “diagnosis.” You can become a moving picture.

By working with your symptoms (hot flashes, low sexual fluids and cervical mucus, lack of cycle, low libido, irregular cycle, etc) you find you start to heal. Things change. Your hot flashes go away. Your cycle returns. You are obviously becoming more fertile. So don’t think of yourself in terms of hormonal levels. Don’t label yourself. Instead, think of your symptoms and from that perspective start turning things around.

For the fastest results you will need both the herbal formulas and the Radiant Wonder Fertility Plan. If you do this your will begin to transform. You will feel a shift in the first month. There will be noticeable but subtle evidence that things are changing. As it accumulates your symptoms start to drop away.

So this is why you do not hear about solutions for your AMH and FSH:

Doctors are not trained to see beyond the numbers that created your diagnosis. They don’t see you. So they can’t treat you.

Dr. Mark Hyman, MD “The Myth of the Diagnosis”