A: There is a natural flow of energy from your feet up to your adrenal system and your reproductive system. This flow supports the balance of warmth and energy for your entire body.

Helping your feet stay warmer is going to have a big effect on your health. And the right formula can change much more than warming your feet! Also be sure you are getting exercise the Radiant Wonder way. At the very least, you should be stretching. Try wearing socks when you don’t normally wear them. Here are 3 formulas which can help. Don’t take more than one at a time

Restore Balance Plus – increases energy, warmth, and sexual vitality

Many people who are low in energy tend to chill easily. Your doctor tells you it is poor circulation. In Chinese Herbalism, chilling easily or cold feet is a sign that your deep energy reserves are low. Restore Balance Plus brings back that deep vitality.

Digest Ease #2 – relieves bloating, releases the blocks for better circulation

If you feel bloating or fullness (even when eating a small amount of food), combined with cold hands and feet, your issue is a blockage of energy than a lack of energy. Energy flow is being blocked. That blockage is in the digestive system. Sounds a little crazy, but the formula does work! This formula helps the digestion and assists to restore the flow of energy and blood warming the feet, and hands!

Super Fertility #5 – the premier formula for women who chill easily

You can imagine how important warm is for building future home for your baby! And cold feet can be a sign of a cold uterus! This formula offers you nutrition for the best quality blood, for better energy, and for better circulation of warmth, blood and energy to your reproductive system.