A: A Fertility Mindset is a deliberate way of thinking with the focus on shifting your tension and worry into a space that allows relief and hope.

It is not fake. It is not a game. It is intentional. Which means it is done by you on purpose.

Take Charge of Your Fertility!

How can you create a Fertility Mindset?

  1. Celebrate every positive change, whether you are sure it is from the Radiant Wonder program or not.
  2. Start rephrasing how you describe things. This will have a profound effect on your healing, because it will give relief to some of the deep worries and tensions you hold.

Allow yourself some space to heal:
“My period did not come this month, but it is coming soon.”

I feel my body changing and I know that everything does not have to be perfect for me to get pregnant. We see this happen so many times. You start feeling stronger, healthier, happier. Your period is not perfect. Your numbers are not yet perfect. But you are feeling positive.

  1. Be self aware. Carry a little notepad with you. If you catch yourself saying something that makes you feel helpless and hopeless write it down. Then change it.If every time you go into the grocery store you come face to face with babies and new mommies you many notice you immediately think: “I will never have a baby.” Take that thought and lift it up, make it empowering. “I am not pregnant now, but my time is coming soon.”

If you do this, send it to me every time you find a negative thought and replace it with a power thought.
Let’s share them with each other and speed everyone’s healing journey.