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I am no longer stuck in mental dis-ease! So happy to be back.

I recently started using 3 products from Radiant Wonder: Stress Relief, Calm Energy, and Thinkers Energy Tonic. I am experiencing amazing results. Suffering from depression and anxiety for many years, I was finally able. under my doctor’s care, to come off of my antidepressants and anxiety medication completely. At the same time I started taking the Radiant Wonder herbs.

Instead of dealing with the many side effects of those medications I now have regained mental clarity, rejuvenated energy, and wonderful peace of mind. I have never felt happier. I want to thank Radiant Wonder for helping me to develop a program of these specific herbs to relieve my depression/anxiety and bring back my total health.

One of the situations I feel so grateful to be free of is the mental barriers I felt for years trying to communicate easily. The medication never helped with this. How can I explain this. I am a very fluent talker when I feel well. The right words and ease in speaking are never a problem. For years, however I did not feel socially comfortable. I felt as if I was a social person, but in a social setting with a group of people I would be tongue tied. I would become very quiet. I wanted to express myself but my brain was not allowing me to form the sentences I needed to form. It was just so uncomfortable, wanting to express myself but not feeling able to do so. Now I am back in my brain again. I feel so at ease. I can be quiet. I can talk. I have a choice. I am no longer stuck in mental disease.

Thanks to everyone at Radiant Wonder for encouraging me and guiding me to live a life free from depression and totally happy. I am so happy to back in the flow of life.

Thank you so much Radiant Wonder! My family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Melissa V.


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