Western Detox

  • Detox is done anytime of the year
  • Big flushes (big colon cleanses; liver flushes)
  • Big flushing can bring big fatigue
  • Your body learns nothing
  • You go back to packing in toxins

Western herbalism thinks of Detox as a flushing out. A big event that releases toxins. Flushing out overrides the body functions and can:

  1. Leave you weak and tired, or
  2. Release toxins that your don’t have the energy to completely clear. You can feel worse not better when you finish.

And your body and you learn nothing. It is easy to just go back to your old way of creating more stagnation in the body.

Eastern Detox

  • Detox is done at the change of seasons, or at a specific time in an herbal program.
  • There is no fasting, simply lightening up your diet
  • Antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory herbal formulas are included
  • A combination of food, herbs and exercises are used to move and release blockage
  • Warm and relax the gastrointestinal tract
  • You end up feeling better and with new tools for better health
  • You and your body are communicating on a new level

Eastern herbalism knows the body has all kinds of incredible detox functions going all the time. But stagnation gets in the way. The purpose of the detox is to release stagnation so the body can do the detoxing itself, NOT to override the body function with a huge cleanse. This stagnation causes a big problem, especially in the digestive system. It causes ‘’inflammation’’. The most current research tags inflammation as the driver behind almost every serious disease, from arthritis to cancer. It is called the ‘’fire within’’. So Eastern herbalism detoxes to put out those fires. For this you need to lighten up the diet, and at the same time both release and strengthen the body functions.

When you do it this way – the right herbal formula plus a temporary lighter diet – you and your body will start communicating with each other in a whole new way. And this new communication will support any program you are already doing.

Western Functional Medicine is catching up with the Asian view of your body.

Western Functional Medicine is catching up with the Asian view of releasing stagnation and renewing the body’s strength and vitality. Doctors like Mark Hyman and Dr. Junger are embracing the Eastern way of strengthening the body’s own detox systems, instead of trying to override them.