I used to have a real problem with anxiety attacks. I also have borderline high blood pressure. Some of these attacks have been pretty scary. I have been through counseling and that helped somewhat, but nothing has made the deep and lasting difference like the continuing Self Care Program from Radiant Wonder I have been on for a year. And I know this is where the extra balance is coming from. These herbs are rebuilding strength and balance in me.

I concentrated on balancing my body in the big picture, not focusing on one problem or another. I have made a number of adjustments in the program, sometimes as the weather changed, sometimes as circumstances in my life changed. My program has always been pretty simple – often only one or two products each month.

I noticed within a month when I took the Restore Balance in the morning I felt calmer within a short period of time. The big test came last month, after I had been taking the herbs for a year. We made a drive to New York. I have always been terrified of tunnels. I forgot we had to go through the Holland Tunnel. And there was a traffic jam to boot. When I realized the situation we were in my eyes got really big and I started to feel uneasy. My husband kept looking at me to see if I was all right. He couldn’t say anything because our two girls were in the back seat, but he kept looking over at me with great concern. I was able to calmly take a breath and settle down.

When I realized what had happened I was absolutely thrilled. I don’t think you can understand how I felt unless you understood where I had been. It is important to me to try to express to other people how special Radiant Wonder is and how amazing it is. I have learned so much to help my family and I in the last year.

Thank you, I am becoming a “Radiant Wonder” – ask my family!

Rita B.

Baltimore, MD