Using fresh vegetable juices 2-3 times a week can be a tremendous boost to your vitality.

First of all vegetables are high-energy foods, with lots of antioxidants. Second, they are more alkaline than many of the foods we eat, so they help maintain the acid/alkaline balance necessary for enhanced fertility and Radiant Health. Modern diets are often calorie full and nutrient empty. Adding vegetable juice to the diet gives the body a chance to grab nutrition it can utilize quickly, and help you build nutrition rich blood (optimizing fertility and a healthy pregnancy).   When you eat only raw vegetables there is no guarantee that your body can extract  the nutrition it needs.  Your body does not have an enzyme with which to break down plant fiber (cellulose).


The ideal amount of vegetables recommended to consume everyday is 1 pound per 50 pounds of body weight. Can you imagine how many salads that would be!


Vegetable juicing allows you to come much closer to this ideal, as you can eat more vegetables than you would normally.  Finding ways to uptake your intake of vegetables is key to any Radiant Wonder Healthy Living Program.

We recommend 6 oz of juice with 2 oz of water once a day, or at least 3 times a week.   Once you start juicing you will get such an energy kick you will want to do it often.

Work out a plan that works for you and your schedule. And get a juicer that is easy to clean! Clean it right away or it will be harder to clean.   Juicing + cleanup shouldn’t be more than 10 minutes if you have the right machine.