Clear-Fallopian-Tubes-NaturallyThank you so much Radiant Wonder. My right tube was blocked 6 months ago. Last week I did my ‘HSG’ and the doctor said the dye went through my right tube. It is completely open!

I have been taking all the different herbs program with Free Flow, Cinnamon & Poria, A Woman’s Energy and doing the Radiant Eight Energy Exercises.

I just want anyone to know the tube CAN open with herbs and with a healthy lifestyle WITHOUT going under the operation. It was hard to keep going, but, not only my tubes are clear, but I am so much healthier and stronger after following the program with herbs and advice for a healthier lifestyle.

Now we are full of so much hope that our baby is near in the future.

Many thanks to Radiant Wonder. Sometimes I never believed this could happen, so I want to tell every woman try it. It is worth it to try this method.

My fertility doctor actually called me and asked me ‘How did you do this? Six months ago we were talking about surgery!’ I was surprised the doctor called me.

I really feel the energy exercises, massage, changing my diet, taking the herbs all helped. It is like everything is coming together. It is the whole body working together. Then you can do this. Your body is like you must be taking care of everything to get what you want. You can not just take herbs and think it works. Not only the tubes. Oh my God I can not tell you how I feel good!


Honolulu, Hawaii