Blocked Fallopian Tubes Don’t Have To Block Your Dream of Having a Family


Blocked fallopian tubes are a common cause of infertility in women. But, we have good news! We are experts at helping women, just like you, who wish to unblock their tubes. We have helped thousands of women all over the world unblock their tubes. We want you to be one of them. They were also told by their fertility specialist that there was no hope. They too were told the only alternative was IVF.

After tirelessly searching and trying, these women were hesitant to believe that we could help them. And yet, armed with the right information, patience, and determination, they unblocked their tubes. Their doctors were amazed! There are no guarantees in any aspect of the field of fertility, but we have put years of time and thought into our program, and we have seen it work time and time again!

Why Do So Many Women Have Blocked Tubes?

Fallopian tubes are tiny. They are the size of the tiny black lead in the middle of a pencil. So, as you can imagine, it is very easy for them to get blocked.

How Do You Know If You Have a Blocked Fallopian Tube?

You can have a blocked fallopian tube with no symptoms at all. A blocked tube may not be discovered until you seek medical help because you have been trying to get pregnant and nothing has happened. The most accurate test for Blocked Fallopian Tubes is a hysterosalpingogram (HSG test). This is the test your doctor will recommend after consideration of your history.

Radio opaque dye (which shows up on x-rays) is introduced into the uterus and then x-rays are taken to view where the dye is able to travel.
What Causes Blocked Tubes?

Most Common Causes of Blocked Tubes are scar tissue and endometriosis.

clear-fallopian-tubesScar Tissue Causes:

  • Inflammation following a bacterial infection in the tubes
  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)
  • Chlamydia (a sexually transmitted infection STI)
  • IUD (Intrauterine Device, a form of birth control)
  • Surgery of the reproductive tract


A common condition where tissue that behaves like the lining of the womb (the endometrium) may grow outside the womb.

Note: If your endometriosis is mild, this unusual tissue growth may not block your fallopian tubes. If it is at a higher stage (especially Stage 4), then it is every likely that your fallopian tubes may have been affected.


Western Treatment – Mechanical Solutions

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) works around the problem. Most often needs multiple tries. Surgical Unblocking (Recanalization) is not usually offered anymore because of the high rate of re-blockage after the procedure. The micro catheter irritates the walls of the tubes causing inflammation and more scar tissue.


Eastern Treatment – Energetic Solutions

Traditional Chinese Medicine utilizes herbs and proper nutrition to soften scar tissue, naturally. — We call to arms all of your body’s energetic resources in order to help your own body release the scar tissue. Special healing foods, herbal formulas, massage, and energy exercises are used. Remember, Chinese Medicine is the study of your energy and your vitality. This is the factor left out of other modalities. When you have strong vitality – and sexual vitality as well – your body will have more energy to resolve any issue.

One of your main goals is to bring more energy to your reproductive organs. When your body has good energy, this is more easily achieved. And with the energy and sense of well being that brings strong sexual vitality, when your tubes unblock, you will be ready to conceive. This is a major premise in Chinese Medicine, which is why any program we recommend always promotes better energy and more vitality for your whole body.

More vitality means better circulation. Your odds for success are heavily dependent on getting a better circulation of blood and energy to your reproductive organs.

How Chinese Medicine May Help You (In Simple Terms) – A Story About a Pot

Imagine that you have a beautiful porcelain pot that you truly love. One day, you forget to turn off the stove and food burns onto the bottom of the pot. That burned food represents the scar tissue in your fallopian tube. How are you going to deal with it? If you scrub it, the pot (your tube) will be scratched and be ruined.

So you must find a way to remove the burned food without touching the pot. Simply put the pot into warm soapy water and let it soak. Twice a day, you put fresh warm, soapy water into the sink. Twice a day you take your Clear Flow formula, and every night you use a warm heating pad on your belly. Then once a month for a week, you vigorously swish the water, moving the water around in the sink without touching the pot. Once a month for one week only (week 2 of your cycle), you will move the blood and energy in your fallopian tubes by doing the Radiant Wonder Fertility Massage.

Eventually most of that burned food will loosen up and drift away. These are exactly the same principles you are using to unblock your tubes: Thinking about the problem in these simple terms allows you to value the focus of your program and its parts.

What To Do

bilateral-tubal-blockageWith our free Support Program, you can activate your body’s own self-healing mechanisms, and unblock your tubes. The Key Steps To Unblocking your tubes:

  • Take our Clear Flow Herbal Formula
  • Radiant Wonder Fertility Massage
  • This is a powerful self-therapy massage that only takes 10 minutes
  • Helps to warm & release scar tissue
  • Helps to move blood & energy
  • Stimulates special energy points that you can manipulate to help open tubes
  • The Radiant Eight Energy Exercises
  • Daily standing stretches, which only take 20 minutes and can be done at any time
  • Improves energy flow & blood circulation throughout the whole body
  • Will make your Fertility Massage (Hyperlink) more effective, because you have the increased vitality of your whole body supporting you.


A Note on Clear Flow

Our years of study of Chinese Medicine has given us a deep respect for these living plants and their special qualities. We also understand the great care that must be taken in building any formula. Every formula is a work of art. The end formula must be both safe and yet powerful and effective. There are many herbs which can be added, but you must choose exactly the right ones.

A lot of careful exploration allowed us to make Clear Flow better than ever by adding two more high performing ingredients. Cattail Pollen A plant known for releasing stuck energy. Myrrh A resin which is famous for being able to reach the deepest meridians (energy channels) and their capillary networks. This is the home of the fallopian tubes. With our customers’ feedback, we are now able to confidently say that our Clear Flow formula is more effective than the former combination of two formulas. Even though it is more powerful, it is still very safe for anyone to take.

It is good for:

  • Many gynecological conditions
  • Premenstrual issues and for
  • Pain with the menses.


Be Aware of When your Cycle is Due and if it is Late

You are taking positive action to get rid of the scar tissue. During this process, you could get pregnant – but in your tubes. Enough scar tissue needs to dissolve so that your egg can travel along your fallopian tube and meet a sperm coming the other way. When they meet and fertilization happens, the fertilized egg needs to continue traveling to the uterus so that it can implant in the lining.

However, if there is still scar tissue present, it could mean that there is not enough room for the fertilized egg to make it back out of your fallopian tube and into your uterus. If this happens, the fertilized egg will implant where it can – in this case, in your fallopian tube. This is called an ectopic pregnancy which could result in you losing that tube altogether.

You are the only one who can be a warrior to protect your tubes. If your period is late – be on high alert. If your home pregnancy test is positive you must see your doctor right away for an ultrasound. You’ll need this to determine where the egg is developing, to ensure you do not have an ectopic pregnancy. If a fertilized egg is found growing in your tube your doctor can easily give you a shot to release it. You cannot keep this fertilized egg. There is not enough nourishment in the tube to support it. The baby will not live and the doctor would have to remove your tube. You are the only warrior who can proactively protect your tubes.

How Long Will It Take to Unblock My Tubes Naturally?

one-blocked-fallopian-tubeThe shortest success story we have heard is three months. Usually it takes a little longer. If the process is successful, it may take several months. Traditional Chinese Medicine recognizes every woman is unique, not a statistic. Each woman will have a different experience and process.

We are here to support you with more knowledge about your body and how to activate your own self healing mechanisms. We want to help you, teach you, and witness you become inspired, as you bring positive changes to your own health and fertility.We are here to help you maximize your chances for getting pregnant, no matter what your path.

Whether you are here to find ways to conceive naturally, or you want to find ways to maximize your chances with your Reproductive Endocrinologist, we are here to help. Please know that your program does not have to be expensive for you to succeed. This is primarily about your newfound understanding of your body and gaining knowledge about how you can support yourself, as you gain balanced health.

We want you to feel happier, healthier, more powerful, and in charge of your own fertility. We love watching this unfold for you! We will be honest with you, if we think your situation is impossible we will be honest and tell you. Some tubes are badly mangled or partially destroyed or there may be another fertility issue which is making the odds very low. Other options, in these cases, would have to be explored.

*Note for Those with Tied Tubes (Tubal Ligation)

Women sometimes call us and ask if their tied tubes can be “untied” by Clear Flow and our program. We’re sorry but Clear Flow and this program are not able to release tied tubes.