I can not believe this formula (Clear Simplex #1). When I first tried it I was having a stress cold sore. Someone in my family was dying and I was so worried and so stressed that my mouth sore started to come on so strong. I was so worried about things and in so much pain at the same time.

When I took this formula a friend offered me, I really did not expect it to do much. But I was willing to try. My pain went way down in one day! And the cold sore went away within a few days. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Now I keep a bottle on hand. If I even feel like I am getting a cold sore I immediately take 9 capsules that first day. I have not had a full outbreak for a year, which is completely amazing. I don’t take it everyday, only if I feel an outbreak coming on. Now I am also taking 2 Radiant Immune Defense everyday. This seems to be strengthening me so stress is less likely to cause a flareup, and strengthening my immune system so it can help to keep me simplex free!

Nabuko N.

Pacific Palisades, CA, USA