According to the wisdom of ancient Chinese Herbalism, good health depends upon two things:

1. The body needs enough energy to be able to do its job.
2. And there must be a free flow of energy in the body.

How does this relate to Detox?

Well, energy is like water — when it flows easily and freely, the water is clear when its flow is interrupted, or stopped, the water pools then stagnates. A stagnation of energy in your body allows toxins to “pool” and collect, just as it does in stagnate water. These toxins can cause a multitude of problems, such as allergies, acne, low energy, unclear thinking, excess weight, etc. And, if not resolved, can eventually lead to more serious diseases such as heart disease, arthritis and cancer.

How does it work?

You buy the program and follow the directions:Radiant Wonder 4 Week All Body Detox.

The ancient Chinese Herbal Masters referred to energy stagnation as the “Mother of All Diseases.” At Radiant Wonder, “Detox” does not only mean “cleaning out,” but also freeing the flow of energy. You can feel lighter and clearer after a special four-week whole body detox program designed to systematically dissolve energy blockages.

Products included with this program:

Super Herbal Detox

This is a potent combination of cleansing herbs that is important at the beginning of any herbal program. Super Herbal Detox helps with the general detoxification process, especially targeting the digestive tract and the blood. In a recent study, Chinese Licorice, the main ingredient in this formulation, was found to remove more than 600 known environmental toxins from the body. This powerful formula should be used for short-term cleansing only. For long-term maintenance, gradual cleansing can be achieved with Empowerment Formula and any of the products in the Balancing and Regulating Formulas which list Bupleurum as a key ingredient.

Liver Tonic 3000

An important step in detoxifying the body is to clean excess heat and toxins from the liver.The liver plays an extremely important role in purifying the blood. Toxic substances are separated from the blood in the liver and either discharged through the bowels or stored in the liver. Toxic waste that is stored in the liver can cause great harm. Therefore, strengthening and detoxifying the liver is vital to good health. The liver is a remarkable organ, able to rejuvenate if only given the chance. It can take time, anywhere from 3 months to a year, but it is worth it. Liver Tonic 3000 is an important formula to use as part of your detox plan andis actually so balanced as both a detox and a nourisher that it can be made a regular component of any Radiant Wonder Healthy Living Program.

Classic Cleansing Formula

Your lymphatic system is your detoxifying system. With capillaries resembling blood capillaries, your lymphatic system filters toxins from your intercellular tissue, recycles proteins back into your blood stream, and at the same time guards you against disease. It produces white blood cells needed to fight infection. Classic Cleansing Formula focuses on detoxifying and nourishing your lymphatic system, your liver and your gallbladder. When your lymphatic system is not working efficiently, energy begins to stagnate andyou will not feel like yourself. Because there is a stagnation of energy, you might feel intolerant of heat. Or, you may feel lethargic, or mentally dull.You may be more susceptible to colds and allergies. Many people today have chronically toxic lymph fluids, a condition which can lead to serious disease. When the lymphatic fluid is flowing freely, toxinsare less likelyaccumulate. When the fluid and energy stagnates that is when problems arise. According to Chinese Herbalism body fluids can flow freely, can slow down and create mucus, can slow down more and accumulate to form things like cholesterol (they call this phlegm), or cysts.

Triphala Plus

A popular folk saying in India is, “No mother? Do not worry so long as you have Triphala.” The reason is that Indian people believe that triphala is able to care for the internal organs of the body as a mother cares for her children. Each of the three herbal fruits of Triphala takes care of the body by gently promoting internal cleansing of all conditions of stagnation and excess while at the same time it improves digestion and assimilation.

The 4 week Radiant Wonder All Body Detox

What will you need?

* 4 specialy designed herbal formulas
* The Radiant Eight Energy Exercises

1st 2 weeks:

  • Super Herbal Detox
  • Liver Tonic 3000

2nd 2 weeks:

  • Classic Cleansing
  • Triphala Plus

The Radiant Wonder 4 Week All Body Detox goes beyond just taking supplements, it is a rejuvenation program.

To maximize the use of these gentle, sophisticated herbal formulas it is good to also do the following:
  • The Hot Water Detox once a week
  • The Alternate Breathing Exercise
  • Radiant Eight Energy Exercises — these exercises are KEY to the success of any detox.

This specially designed combination of herbal formula help to break down the stagnation in your body that is holding back the vitality that should be yours.

The Eating Plan

  • Special Live Food Blueberry Banana Shake (do NOT drink it cold) + Liver Tonic 3000
  • Breakfast is key! Good protein for breakfast regulates your blood sugar and resets your brain chemistry
  • Variations for breakfast: Just make sure you have real food, nothing processed and 10-15 grams of protein.
SNACK (10-11am)
  • 12 almonds and a piece of fruit (The Truth about Snacking – breaking the diet myth ”snacking makes you fat”)
  • Any combination of protein and vegetables – no liquids when eating – a hot drink when you finish
SNACK (1-3 pm)
  • 12 almonds and a piece of fruit
  • Any combination of protein and vegetables – no liquids when eating – a hot drink when you finish

Lighten Up the Weight On Your Digestion This Month

CUT OUT: sugar, sugar substitutes, sodas, bread, pasta, other flour products (cake, cookies, pretzels, cheetos, etc.) and caffeine. If you can’t cut out the the caffeine, maybe just in the morning. Don’t let that be an excuse for not doing this.

There are certain times when detoxing is appropriate. As you move from one season to another, especially from the lethargic winter into the warmer more energetic Spring and Summer. Another good time is right before the body moves into Fall and Winter, which means late Summer/early Fall. It doesn’t take much to help your body make this switch. One week will make a big difference. When the week is over feel free to contact us. We can celebrate with you and coach you into the next step if you are interested. This 1 week detox is actually great to do for a few days every month. In the colder weather longer detoxes are not advised.

Follow These Food Combining Principles

  • Eat fruit alone or with nuts and seeds.
  • Do not combine citrus fruit with any other food.
  • Radiant Eight Energy Exercises
    • Do everyday. This is absolutely required for a successful detox
  • Hot Water Detox
    • Do once a week (not a fast) (learn hot to do the Hot Water Detox)

Cooking Methods

  • Do not bake, stir fry with water instead of oil, use less oil with any other cooking method.
  • Avoid deep fried foods completely.


  • No liquids with the meal. Something hot to drink when you finish.
  • Nothing cold to eat or drink before 11:00 am.


  • Be in bed between 11-11:30pm at the latest

Keep it simple. Make a meal plan and simply step into it. Be sure to start the day out with the special shake. Make sure you eat your snacks. Keep some notes everyday, and give us some feedback once a week.

Here are issues that can be helped by the 4 week all body detox:

  • Constant allergies
  • Insomnia
  • High cholesterol; trycylcerides
  • Excessive stress
  • Migraines
  • Stress Headaches
  • Allergies
  • Fertility
  • Alternating constipation/diarrhea
  • Chronic Gas and Bloating
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Muscle pain
  • Joint pain
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Acne
  • Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)
  • Chronic constipation
  • Excess weight

note: good for all except those with IBS/diarrhea issues