Quiet Colon is the only herbal formula which, through repeated studies, has shown significant results for digestive disorders as varied as gastritis, stomach pains, muscle cramps, chronic constipation, loose, or loose and urgent stools, and alternating constipation and diarrhea. Seventy-eight percent of the participants in these studies found dramatic improvement. Many of these symptoms are categorized as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

Quiet Colon contains herbs which tone the digestive tract, support digestion, improve circulation, and relax the central nervous system. The most common results are less pain and inflammation, fewer spasms, better assimilation of food, and more regular bowels.

In Chinese Medicine the presence of soft formless stools is often accompanied by the symptoms listed below. The digestive system is very sensitive to stress, mental, emotional or physical stress. Chinese Medical theory identifies a patterns which involve the Liver (which processes stress) interfering with digestive function. This can mean sending energy in the wrong direction (gastritis, reflux), aggitating digestion (muscle cramps, gastritis, pain, urgency), blocking energy flow (constipation) or deflating digestive energy (loose stools, diarrhea).

The solution is to soothe the Liver so it is not so overwhelmed by stressful events, while at the same time, strengthening digestive function. Quiet Colon does it all.

It is a very safe and effective formula. If you also have frequent gas and bloating, try drinking no fluids with your meals, and follow each meal with a hot drink. You may find this completely resolves your problem. If not, add Calm Digestion to resolve the symptoms. Eating lots of cold and raw foods will also weaken digestion. Temporarily for a few months stop the raw and cold foods. Heal and then reintroduce them. You will be surprised to find that your taste for raw and cold has changed.