Radiant Health & Detox


Chinese Medicine understands ideal health to be abundant energy, a clear mind, calmness and a sense of well being. We call this Radiant Health. This means energy is flowing freely in both your body and your mind. Energy is like water — when it flows easily and freely, the water is clear, but when the flow is interrupted or stopped, the water pool stagnates. A stagnation of energy in your body allows toxins to “pool” and collect, just as it does in stagnant water.  

Stuck Energy creates Inflammation. Recently Western Medicine has identified inflammation as the root cause of most disease. When your energy is not flowing, toxins can cause a multitude of problems, such an allergies, acne, low energy, unclear thinking, excess weight, etc.  If not resolved, they can eventually lead to more serious diseases.

According to Chinese Medical Theory, if energy is actually blocked, then you also have pain, another product of inflammation.


What is the difference between a Western and an Eastern cleanse?


Western Detox

A Naturopath, or Western Herbalist, strongly encourages cleanses. If something is wrong with you, immediately a cleanse is recommended.  The idea behind most natural cleanses is to flush the body of toxins. Although this sounds great, it takes a lot of energy to recover from this kind of cleanse.  If you do not start one of these cleanses in tiptop shape, the cleanse may weaken you.  You may not think it is the fault of the cleanse, just that something is wrong with you and that is why the cleanse did not make you feel like a million dollars.  This is not necessarily the case.

Eastern Detox

Chinese Medicine respects the body’s own powerful detoxing mechanisms. It also knows that strengthening those organs and their functions is key to any really good release of stagnation. Radiant Wonder brings another meaning to the idea of releasing what we don’t want. It is releasing the stuck energy, which is trapping the toxins and also weakening the body function. This way toxins are released in a very healthy way and, at the same time, the body comes out of the cleanse stronger and more capable.


We recommend 4 steps as part of your Liver Detox Program:
  1. The Lighten Up Cleanse
  2. Radiant Eight Energy Exercises
  3. Herbal Formulas
  4. Food Therapy


The Lighten Up Cleanse
How Long Is The Cleanse?

We typically advise you to do the cleanse for one week, but you can do it for as little as 2-3 days. Some of our customers do this cleanse for up to 2 weeks. Many people also do it 2-3 days and then repeat it a few weeks later. This detox is actually great to do for a few days every month. It is advised to do the cleanse during the two major season shifts of the year: Summer to Fall and Winter to Spring. Basic Detox Principle according to Chinese Medicine: In the colder weather longer detoxes are not advised. In the warmer weather, detox can be done often.


How will it affect my current program?

It will speed up your healing, often dramatically.


What can I expect?
  • To feel lighter and cleaner, more energy
  • To lose weight
  • To gain mental clarity
  • To see the program you are on right now work better and faster


What are the main goals of this Detox?
  • To speed up your healing, by releasing stagnation and toxins.
  • To lighten the load your body carries, so you see dramatic progress with your program.


Gina’s Experience:

I only did the Detox for 5 days, and now I think I’m ready to try it again!   

I just think this detox is so easy, such an easy way to eat. I’m ready to try it again. It is simple, and you don’t have to really think about it that much. I super enjoyed the vegetables and protein. I liked that part about it. I felt good.

I didn’t do the whole week, just 5 days, but I seemed to lose a pound a day.

In total, I lost 5 pounds, but the fantastic thing was the cervical mucus. It was amazing how much more I had. I am still having good hormones, and my blood pressure was fantastic. It was 112 over 70. I haven’t had a blood pressure like that in a long time.

One thing I noticed is that I think I may be intolerant of gluten. I think maybe I understand why I weigh as much as I do, because getting rid of the gluten it really does work pretty quickly.


Radiant Eight Energy Exercises

As part of your detox, it is also important to perform the Radiant Eight Energy Exercises every day. These exercises are very simple to do, yet have a profound effect on your body. They release the energy blockages that are holding you back. They also increase your stamina and your mental focus. Best of all, they are so easy to do! They only take 15 minutes of your time, anytime.  These special exercises help you to feel clearer mentally, calmer, and more energetic.  


Herbal Formulas

Liver Tonic 3000 – take 2 capsules after every meal  (2 capsules, three times a day)

Lighten Up – take 2 capsules after every meal (2 capsules, three times a day)


About Liver Tonic 3000

From both the Western and the Eastern perspective, this is an effective and safe, yet powerful tonic for the liver and the nervous system. In the language of Chinese Medicine, Liver Tonic 3000 clears heat in the body (inflammation) that is caused by stagnation of energy.

If energy is not flowing freely in the body, then the circulation of blood is not free. The neurons of the Central Nervous System don’t work normally.  Nothing can work normally if the energy flow is stagnated or blocked. This energy pattern creates systemic (through the whole body) inflammation, which can become pain or affect different organ systems.   If you can give your body a lift, a break from the weight the digestive system normally carries, you will immediately start feeling better. Then you go back to your normal eating patterns and begin to make new choices.

Your health is a continuing adventure, lead by how you feel, not by a book of rules and a special diet.


Food Therapy: A Daily Nutritional Program
  • cleanse-your-liver Breakfast is key! – Variations for breakfast are great. Just make sure you have real food, nothing processed. Include 10-15 grams of protein. Good protein for breakfast regulates your blood sugar and resets your brain chemistry.
    • We recommend: Special Live Food Blueberry Banana Shake
  • Have a mid-morning snack – We recommend 12 almonds and a piece of fruit
  • For lunch, have any combination of protein and vegetables
  • Have a mid-afternoon snack – Again, we recommend 12 almonds and a piece of fruit.
  • For dinner have any combination of protein and vegetables.

Important Notes:

  • Avoid drinking liquids while eating
  • Have a hot drink 20 minutes or more once you’ve finished a meal
  • Remember to avoid cold foods and drinks! (Especially upon the first few hours of waking)


Lighten Up the Weight on Your Digestion This Week

What to CUT OUT:

  • Sugar
  • Sugar substitutes
  • Soda
  • Bread
  • Pasta
  • Other flour products (cake, cookies, pretzels, Cheetos, etc.)
  • Deep fried foods
  • Caffeine (If you absolutely can’t cut out the the caffeine altogether, we recommend one cup of green tea in the morning, rather than coffee.)


Additional Effective Principles

The Hot Water Detox – to be done 1x/week.

Cooking Methods:

  • Do not bake
  • Stir fry with water, rather than oil
  • Use less oil with any other cooking method

Sleep –Be in bed between 11-11:30pm at the latest.

Keep it simple! – Make a meal plan and simply step into it.