This Detox is deceptively simple. It can be done once a week with profound results. It is simple to do, doesn’t interfere with your schedule and helps your body tremendously. Once you have found its value whenever you feel you are a little out of balance, whether it is your digestion or your psyche – try this for a day, and be amazed at how quickly your body starts to rebalance and bring you back to feeling like yourself. The technique originated in India, used by Yogis in the mountains to purify. It is safe, gentle, and very powerful, and will speed any Radiant Wonder Healthy Living Program you are on.


You will need:

  • A thermo cup or a small thermos
  • Good tasting hot water


Fill the thermos with the hottest water you can tolerate. For one day you will sip water from the thermos as often as you remember. The idea is not how MUCH you drink, but how OFTEN you drink!

You need a thermos so you don’t have to remember to do this all day. The thermos is something physical that just sits there and reminds you, “drink me”.
Here is a example of how it goes:

The first hour you may remember to sip the water every 10 minutes. The second hour you remember every 15 minutes. The third hour you have a meeting and you can’t do it. The fourth hour you remember 3 times. etc.

The main principle:

Allow the body to speed up its ability to rebalance by giving it a day “off” from cold food and drink. This allows it to save the energy it would be using to readjust itself from the shock of too much cold. Now your body can use the energy it saved to help heal you! On this day you are not fasting. You can eat anything you want, but you nothing you eat or drink can be cooler than room temperature (warmer is fine).