foods-to-avoid-with-eczemaI used to have a serious case of eczema on my fingers, and especially between the fingers. It was itchy, oozy, and ugly. And I just could not get rid of it. I used the hydrocortisone cream daily. It would tame it down, but never get rid of the breakouts. Then I went to a school for Chinese Medicine, Emperors College, and checked with the doctor in the clinic. It was advised that I should take a homeopathic allergy test. This seemed a waste of time for me because I had already had a thorough Western investigation into possible allergies. Nothing was positive. This test however tested positive for what was at the time one of my favorite foods: potato. I stopped eating potatoes for about 3 months. The eczema completely disappeared.

I went back to eating potatoes and a flareup happened the next day. Back I went into ”non-potato land” (a very sad place). Six months later I tried potatoes again. There was no reaction. I could eat potatoes again!

To this day I can eat potatoes. But, if I eat them more than one day, or if I eat too much, my tummy just doesn’t feel right. If I eat them more than one day in a row I never get the eczema, but the skin between my fingers will get rough. If I stop the potatoes the skin still stays rough for about a month.

If I take Skin Detox Anti-Inflammation Formula (3 capsules 3 times a day) for 3-4 days the hard skin disappears and my hands feel soft again with those few days. I never use the hydrocortisone cream at all anymore. Since that time (which was some years ago) I have discovered the nightshade family. I believe I am also sensitive to tomatoes.

Having marinara sauce on pasta or tomatoes in a salad does not give me eczema, but it does give me the same uncomfortable feeling in my stomach. It is logical that it might be causing inflammation somewhere else in the body. So I generally avoid tomato as well. (The family picture was taken a few weeks ago. I had some delicious mashed potatoes, with no consequences at all. This was the rehearsal dinner for our niece’s wedding.)


Santa Monica, CA