See how you measure up: check the list below

If you are like most of Western society, your mind is trained to target whatever might be wrong with you.
Of course you will notice things which you would like to change, but how about a list of what is right with you when you are healthy?

When we talk about bringing your body back into balance we are looking for key symptoms which let us know that you are building Radiant Health, that you are on your way to feeling better than you can imagine.

  1. Normal appetite. Food tastes good. You get normal hungry feelings. You do not have the urge to overeat.
  2. The urge to laugh a couple of times a day. (whether life itself is going well or not)
  3. You have a bowel movement everyday about same time.
  4. You urinate 5-7 times during a day, 0-1 time during the night without pain or difficulty.
  5. Have no problem falling asleep and can sleep throughout the night.
  6. Do not have any abnormal sweat or abnormal thirst during the day or night.
  7. If you are a woman having close to a 28 day cycle without cramping.
  8. Your body is pain free.
  9. You have warm hands and feet and cool face.
  10. You have the energy level and consistency you desire.


Are you someone who is always feeling hungry and craving food?

This is an indication that the digestion system is working too fast causing heat. This heat will impact nearby organs such as pancreas. Once the pancreas is not functioning normally, it is possible that diabetes may manifest in the future.

We have a tendency to think of the digestive system an automatic machine that takes care of whatever we ingest. If it is not working, give it a Tums. The digestive system is the most sensitive of all the organ systems in the body. If you know a few simple tricks about how to eat, and learn why a simple adjustment in your breakfast can make a huge difference in your life. What are the benefits? More mental clarity, no constant sinus, no phlegm to cough up in the morning, a sense of stability, no gas, bloating, acid reflux, IBS, to name a few.


Do you wake up between 1-4 o’clock in the morning?

If so, there is indication here that there is an imbalance in the movement of energy in the body. And the time you awaken is a key indicator that this overactive energy is in the channel that governs the flow of energy and blood in the whole body. Imbalances like this especially affect the organ systems that are intimately involved with the flow of blood in the body — the liver and the heart. If you tell a Western doctor that you are waking up during this time, he/she may not be able to tell you that there is anything wrong, especially if the examination and the lab tests are fine. If this kind of symptom lasts for many years, you may be surprised to find that those same lab tests may now tell you that something is wrong with your liver, or your cardiovascular system. How easy to identify the problem now and deal with it. You protect your heart and your liver.

We are here to help you feel better, accomplish more and be truly happy and successful in your life. No matter how many challenges there are you will always have better odds of finding a path through them if your body is in more balance. This does not mean you have to be the perfect weight, follow the perfect exercise schedule. It means that you feel better. Once you begin to feel better all kinds of opportunities for more will appear — more health, more happiness, more success.

*It is always advised to see your primary care physician for regular checkups and advice, but you can also learn to listen to your body through the wisdom of Oriental analysis. This will lead to changes you can make for yourself, and also confidence that your health is improving. The odds are that news from your doctor will be consistently positive.