When Teresa first called me in October of last year she was very depressed. The desire to have a baby was top on her list, but there were problems. She had little energy. She had leg cramps which often bothered her. She was also cold all the time (even though she lives in Hawaii) and more dramatically cold right before her period. Her interest in having relations with her husband was, naturally, low. She was not looking forward to the holidays when there would be four families and 14 children in the house. One of the biggest obstacle to her dream was the knowledge that her only tube was blocked – 80% blocked.

Teresa is a go-getter. She wants things to move ahead. She likes to accomplish her goals and doesn’t want to wait. She is smart and organized and willing to do whatever it takes to reach the finish line. She and her husband, Mark, found our website and decided to see if the Radiant Wonder Blocked Fallopian Tube StartUp Program could actually free her tubes. They started the program in October.

What was interesting about their approach was that Mark encouraged her to do more than just the program to clear the tubes. He wanted a program to maximize her fertility as well. They understood that clearing the tubes was a first step. Why not be working on the second step (maximizing the body’s fertility) right from the start. Then, when the tubes were cleared she would be ready to get pregnant!

This was the optimism with which the program was started. Teresa really followed our program for fertility with dedication. She did the Radiant Eight Energy Exercises every day. She did the Hot Water Detox once a week and ate lots of cooked greens to nourish her blood. And she took herbs nourish her fertility. She started feeling fabulous. Her leg cramps soon disappeared. She wasn’t so cold anymore. She even found that her craving for shopping all the time drifted away. She was feeling so healthy. And yet her tubes were not yet clear.

A few times during on the long road to success she started to give up hope, but her wise and strong husband was there to support her. He was convinced they could accomplish things naturally and on their own. He was determined not to have surgery or to rush into an IVF.

Finally two weeks ago I received a phone call and a subsequent testimonial for the website which made the day for everyone here! Teresa’s tube is clear. Completely clear! Her Golden Pathway is clear! The whole office here is still celebrating for the couple.

Helping people lower FSH, relieve PMS symptoms, regulate the cycle, bring back ovarian reserves and renew the quality of eggs, change the flow of periods from brown and clotting to fresh red and clear — all of that is easy. People can immediately see some results along the way.

Unblocking the tubes takes patience and determination. Thank God that Teresa was also doing things to strengthen her health, because it at least gave her some real successes on the way. It would have been even harder to keep going if she was always feeling as she was when she first called. And thank goodness for her wise and sometimes stubborn husband. He was unmovable when it came to staying the course.

We celebrate the success of both Teresa and Mark, and we also send our deepest thanks to Mark for his service in the military.

The following is the letter we received from Teresa: ‘Thank you so much Radiant Wonder. My right tube was blocked 6 months ago. Last week I did my ‘HSG’ and the doctor said the dye went through my right tube. It is completely open!

I have been taking all the different herbs program with Free Flow, Cinnamon & Poria, A Woman’s Energy and doing the Radiant Eight Energy Exercises.

I just want anyone to know the tube CAN open with herbs and with a healthy lifestyle WITHOUT going under the operation. It was hard to keep going, but, not only my tubes are clear, but I am so much healthier and stronger after following the program with herbs and advice for a healthier lifestyle.

Now we are full of so much hope that our baby is near in the future.

Many thanks to Radiant Wonder. Sometimes I never believed this could happen, so I want to tell every woman try it. It is worth it to try this method.

My fertility doctor actually called me and asked me ‘How did you do this? Six months ago we were talking about surgery!’ I was surprised the doctor called me.

I really feel the energy exercises, massage, changing my diet, taking the herbs all helped. It is like everything is coming together. It is the whole body working together. Then you can do this. Your body is like you must be taking care of everything to get what you want. You can not just take herbs and think it works. Not only the tubes. Oh my God I can not tell you how I feel good!’


Hawaii, USA