Amanda talks about the first signs of deep healing. What to look for, why each is important. (6 min 57 sec)



When we talk about bringing your body back into balance, we are looking for key symptoms that let you know you are healing

It takes time to heal. You can not keep going if you do not have a way to measure your success.

This is an important benefit of the Free Plan you can download when you order.
Don’t know what this is? Contact us and we’ll send you the link.

And then there is the Assessment Form.  It is a great tool to use to evaluate progress.

Request one when you first start so your program can be customized for you.

After that, if you request an Assessment Form every 3 months you can track your progress and know if it is time to adjust your program.

Want more understanding? Listen to the live Q&As. Better yet, join The Path where everyone has a personal relationship with Amanda. She is not in there all the time, but you get to know each other.

Be sure you understand the support we can offer you and make your choice of which is best for you. Here is The Radiant Wonder System.