Studies have been done to measure the effect of Medical Chi Gong on heart function, aging, and building bone density. Studies compared those who did Medical Chi Gong exercises to those who do other forms or those who had no exercise routine. Some studies tracked only 20-30 people; others tracked as many as 1,000 people over different periods of time.

Tremendous cardiovascular effects were found. Heart function improved lowering the chances of hypertension, high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis. Participants who practiced Chi Gong regularly were found to have stronger contractions of the heart muscle and a slower, more efficient heart rate. They also had an increase in blood supply to the heart, which, of course, improved the overall functioning of the entire body.

The lungs also became more efficient, the supporting muscles stronger and the lung tissue itself more supple. Practitioners are able to extract more oxygen from the air they breathe.

One of the challenges of living gracefully is to maintain not only strength but to actually become more flexible. Developing more flexibility is a key to having vibrant health. Medical Chi Gong exercises are famous for building flexibility and both bone and muscle strength. So, of course, this is of great interest to senior citizens, or those with compromised bone density. One of the studies compared the spines of twenty people who did Chi Gong with the spines of twenty who did not. The group doing Chi Gong had not only better posture. More dramatic was that they had many times the spinal flexibility and half the amount of bone loss.

Likely the biggest challenge we have today is keeping a life and body in balance against the pressures of stress. Stress and overwork can deeply affect our bodies. This chronic stress not only affects aging, it also profoundly affects fertility for both men and women.  It is common knowledge now that high Cortisol, a result of the “fight or flight” stress response affects other fertility hormones immediately.

This is where the benefits of The Radiant Eight Energy Exercises help us keep more than just an edge. They bring a power and calm to our activity that goes beyond the benefits of any traditional cardiovascular exercise. And scientific studies support this.

Studies have shown a great improvement in mind/body coordination and a stimulation of the cerebral cortex of the brain. What develops is a state of restful alertness — keen awareness with an inner calm, the foundation for dynamic, focused activity. The bottom line: not only do these Energy exercises help us recover from stress, but they allow us to be energetic and strong enough not to accumulate the negative side effects of chronic stress. This allows us to rebound quickly and be ready for the next challenge.

Combine the Radiant Eight Exercises with some aerobic exercise for an incredible boost to your health.

Exercise has been proven repeatedly to produce abundant amounts of nerve growth factor. Because of this phenomenon, and because of other benefits of exercise, it is one of the “fountains of youth” that can keep your brain young, vital, and regenerative throughout your entire life.

Physical exercise is imperative because it reduces your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by 50 percent, according to research. Moreover, women who engaged in a regular exercise program from ages 40 to 60 show a dramatic reduction in cognitive decline. Regular physical exercise increases brain blood flow, improves the biochemistry of your brain, and regenerates brain cells.

Besides producing nerve growth factor, exercise protects and stimulates your brain in two other extremely important ways. Exercise greatly enhances neuronal metabolism, and it is also a powerful tool for stress reduction.

Much of the cognitive decline we commonly ascribe to aging actually results from our sedentary lifestyles.

The benefits of combining both aerobic exercise with medical qi gong:

– Increases the amount of oxygen and glucose the brain gets
– Increases the availability of brain-related enzymes, such as coenzyme Q-10
– Decreases cortisol output by placing a physical “governor” on the stress response
– Decreases depression
– Lowers blood pressure

Aerobic exercise improves endocrine function, boosting immunity and speeding up the metabolism. It also burns calories, increases muscle mass, and strengthens bones.

I recommend 20 minutes daily of the Radiant Eight Energy Exercises. Then as your energy increases start an aerobic exercise program, too. Aim for at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise and weight training three to four times a week. Or, do lower intensive activities such as walking. I usually suggest brisk walking for a time period of 30 minutes, three or four times a week. Walking reduces stress, increases your mental energy level, and helps you remain trim.

To the extent that stress is affecting your life and holding on those pounds, help yourself to circulate the increased oxygen intake.  Bring in some energy to burn off those pounds. Inhale deep, hold the breath (increase the energy) and then exhale slowly. Repeat off and on during the day. This simple habit will help you access the energy you are building with these new techniques.