If you understand how to use the secret power you will speed up your body’s healing journey — and come into Spring recharged and renewed.

We used to naturally adjust for the different seasons, what we ate and how we lived.  We didn’t have a choice in Winter because the days were shorter and activity naturally slowed down.

Think about the seasons.  Spring is daybreak, Summer is the heat of midday, Fall is the late afternoon when things are winding down, Winter is the deep quiet night. Animals hibernate. Plants stop growing and rest.

Your body rests and renews every night. Bigger than this, Winter is the season of deep renewal. Sleep becomes even more rejuvenating. Deep energy reserves are reestablished. All of this in anticipation of the breaking forth of the Spring. It is a precious gift for us every year.

Yet we are on a constant activity track. It doesn’t matter what the season, what the weather, even how we feel, we keep the same rhythm throughout the year.

It takes energy for the  body to keep this pace in any season. In the Winter you are not only using the energy you need for your activity schedule, but your body is also using a lot of energy keeping you warm.  As soon as the body temperature drops below normal your body is burning lots more energy.

So what happens in winter more than any other season? Your health is affected.

What is the result?

Less energy
Weakened bone health
Egg and sperm quality weakened
Weakened Digestion
Less ability to get pregnant and stay pregnant
Immune issues (both regular and auto immune)
Problems with urinary retention
Mental and emotional instability
Vertigo or dizziness

Remember: Lack of Energy is the Root of All Disease. Winter offers you a fantastic season to rest and rejuvenate, to recharge the healing energy you need. And the way to make this happen doesn’t cost any money at all!

Get more rest.  Sleep more in the winter. Go to bed earlier. Get a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep every night you can. On the weekends, at least, get up after the sun comes up. Be kind to yourself if you are dragging a little, don’t ply yourself with coffee. Honor this great opportunity you have to be aware of how powerful more rest and relaxation can be. If you are dragging a little bit in the winter know it is normal and don’t beat your body into more activity. Take a nap. Take a break. You are in the middle of the Season of Rejuvenation.