Hi, we have been missing each other. I had called to leave you my email address. I am doing well. I have been doing the exercises, and I love them (but I am trying to get into the everyday routine). So far, the best thing has been drinking hot stuff instead of cold. Besides feeling very nice, I have stopped being constipated.

But, as far as my diet, I have not been eating a lot of cooked greens. I had been so busy, that just this past week was when I bought spinach and broccoli. I will try this week to eat greens once a day. Also I have been massaging my ears, which feels great, but I tend to forget and I only do it in the evening at home. The same for the breathing exercises. And I have not done yet the lymphatic massage.

One more thing, my husband has been taking his herbs, and it seems like his libido has really increased. I started to notice about a week after he started his pills. It’s very interesting! Well, thank you very much for your email, and I hope to hear from you.

Once again thank you, I have been feeling more energized.


Springfield, MA